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    Would love feedback on what motivates y’all to work out. What do you do to get yourself to “just do it” !Especially when life is difficult!

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    Mayuri Rana

    Hello Melissa. I’ve always had problem making a workout schedule but when I thought about it, I think I used to keep planning and thinking too much because of which it didn’t come naturally to me..So what I personally did was to stop thinking completely about it and just start taking action & working out..I workout almost 25-30 minutes a day now and it feels natural and fits in my schedule.

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    So you just do it anytime that’s convenient when you feel like it ? Does something motivate you each day ? Once I get into the habit of something , I find it relatively easy to do on autopilot. I think it’s the starting after stopping for awhile because of life circumstances that makes it more difficult. I have found in the past that having a group of people to start a program or any working out together and check in for support and accountability has been the most successful for me in the past… but I love more ideas on this especially when you don’t have the support !

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    Jackie Wilushewski

    For me, it has always been a tuning into, or connecting. I can “want” to workout or exercise or be active but I will make excuse sand justify my non-action. I either have looked deep and inside and got that “it’s time” feeling and that jump started me or, I have just woken up one day type of thing and feel “it” there.

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    Jackie , I can relate .
    It’s funny because when I stop for any period of time and then start up again , I am always asking myself why did I ever stop ! And of course you have to go through all the new muscle aches and pains again when you have not done it in awhile . At least there is “muscle memory “!!! God gifted us with that one ! 😆

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    Ohhh thanks that i’ve open this hub and it’s really on time. This is i’m struggling the most and yes Melissa you are right when i return from stopping i asked myself the same question “why I’d stopped “? It’s really funny💕

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