Daily Detox Meditation

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    Mayuri Rana

    This is a very powerful meditation technique that came to me almost a year ago and helps one feel light instantly and connect to one’s higher self. What we feel is what we attract. So this meditation focuses on one’s feelings and intentions and helps one detox their feelings and helps them vibrate at a higher frequency.

    The steps are as follows-
    1. Sit in a comfortable position and close your eyes.
    2. Now completely relax your mind and body and with every breath, feel the relaxation from head to toe.
    3. Now take a count of all the feelings going on in your mind and body. Every disappointment, every fear, unrest or feeling of losing faith, etc. Whatever lower feelings you’re currently feeling; feel them & imagine all these feelings coming out of your body as black fumes and going down into the Mother Earth.
    4. Now imagine a beam of white light coming into your body from the Universe and filling you up with light. Visualize light in your entire body.
    5. Now call upon Archangel Michael and ask him to cover you with a purple light to protect you from all sorts of lower energies and feelings; ask him to severe all the vows you’ve made which are self-destructive in nature, in all directions of time & with everyone involved and lastly ask him to cut all the cords that bring you down energetically.
    6. Thank Archangel Michael and be in that energy for sometime and then slowly open your eyes.

    This meditation has a healing effect and one can also call upon Archangel Raphael for physical healing along with Archangel Michael. After few days of meditation, when you are about to count negative feelings, you will be surprised to see that there will come a day when you will have no negative feeling to count.
    ( Archangel Michael is one of the God’s most powerful angel of protection and Archangel Raphael is for healing.)

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    Bryant McGill

    Thank you for sharing this. 🙂

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    My Favorite Archangel Rafael

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    Jackie Wilushewski

    Very beautiful and attainable meditation. Thank you for sharing <3

    Do you ever use/hold crystals while doing this meditation?

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