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    First of all , Please be safe and careful Austin residents…
    I am praying that they will find this or these mad men soon but I was just reading about a post that a suspect posted on Reddit saying he “just wanted to see the world burn”. Now it is unconfirmed if this is indeed a person in connection to the bombings but I seem to remember this being a line in the Batman movie with the Joker?
    It is super creepy the way that film and pop culture is so influential sometimes.
    Although I dislike any idea of limiting freedoms, where does the line get drawn? Is it ultimately up to us and what we watch on our television and in the theater ? And what does it say about us as people if blood , guts , gore, obscenity, immorality and violence is what sells?
    It might not be the movies or television or music that causes the atrocities, maybe the people lost their minds first?
    I am not a fan of the news but this is the type of news that we need to be aware of.

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    Just wanted to follow up on this.
    This story and the senseless loss have me heartbroken.
    This boy had shown no prior issues or problems . Possibly more reason to look at what sort of violence is infiltrating our children’s lives through a bombardment (literally).
    Video games, television, music, movies, books, social media … Sure it is the parents responsibility to oversee what the child is exposed to but in this day and age , it certainly is difficult while trying to give children freedom at the same time. This boy was home schooled.
    I don’t know what the answer is but communication is certainly where solutions are brought to fruition.
    I hope we can realize that inciting more hate with fighting ,?arguing and politics will only exacerbate the very problem that we are trying to solve.
    Communication is key on every level , no matter what One believes. It starts within the family. But until we can communicate as a community of loving people , it will be hard to find a solution for hate.
    Hope starts here.
    Let’s discuss.

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    “Aspiring Pastor Accused in Wife’s Stabbing Death Was Allegedly ‘Obsessed’ With Film American Psycho”
    from People magazine … 4/2018

    Just going to put this right here.

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