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    Anger is one of the five natural human emotions. If we do not express our anger, then it becomes an unnatural behavior of rage. ~ Neale Donald Walsch. From the NY Times best selling book,” Communion With God,”
    My passion is to teach parents how to allow their children to be angry so that they can thrive in the world without rage, feeling unworthy, etc. Human beings are extremely powerful and our emotions go hand in hand with that. Fear is also a natural emotion, but we are afraid if people get angry. I know that awareness of this natural emotion, well, all five of the natural emotions would assist our generations to come.

    Laurie Lankins Farley

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    Hello Ms Farley,
    With all due respect, wouldn’t a parent have to be in touch with accepting and controlling their anger before they can teach their children. If a parent has never been given the tools to understand their own, it would be difficult to teach , don’t you think?

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    Agree to you Sir Kevin❤️

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