Create a Life You Love with the Powerful Intentions

You deserve a beautiful fulfilling life. You deserve a meaningful life.

We all have different roles that we play in life. Often, those roles come with many obligations. We have a choice of whether we feel forced to meet those obligations, or whether we do things because we actually want to.

The impact of that choice is tremendous.

When we feel forced to do something, we build resistance. Often that resistance is subconscious. It slowly builds under the surface. Eventually, that resistance turns into conflict. As the conflict rises we become increasingly volatile. That volatility begins to manifest itself as negativity in our lives, often in ways that are both unexpected and unwanted.

We have another choice.

We can choose to shift our perspective to one where we do things because we want to, because we choose to do them. We can do that with almost anything in life.

When we do something because we choose to, we remove the resistance. We can pour presence and heart into the moment. We can make the most of the moment. We can do things with enjoyment and pride.

We can live with intent.

We can also make a conscious choice to simplify our lives. Perhaps, it is not necessary to have so many things. Perhaps, it is not necessary to do so many things. Do we really need it all? Or are we drowning ourselves in things and busyness?

Wouldn’t we rather have more time to do more of the things we love and enjoy?

In my own life, I have continuously worked on both simplifying my life and making more conscious decisions about whatever it is that I am doing.

When I do something because I feel like I want to, I feel more motivated to do it well. I have a sense of pride and accomplishment. My life seems more meaningful. I feel like I have more depth in my life. I derive a greater sense of satisfaction out of life. I feel more presence in the moment. I feel empowered.

I feel at peace.

Is a successful life measured with materialism? Is it measured by how many things we do? Or is it measured by how we feel about the life we are living?

I consider my lifestyle successful because my mindset remains the same regardless of circumstance.

I make a conscious decision to act. I act with intent. I am present with my intention. I am empowered. I am living a life of purpose.

You deserve a beautiful fulfilling life. You deserve a meaningful life.

Live with intent. Practice conscious decision making. Empower yourself. Love the life you live.

Akiroq Brost

Akiroq is a Human Potential Inspirational writer, who has a passion for helping others explore and harness the extraordinary potential that lies within each and every one of us.

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