Create a Life That Feels Like a Permanent Vacation

Get absolutely clear on what you want your daily life to feel like.

I’m just returning from my first vacation, of sorts.

Although I have traveled and vacationed quite a bit over the years, this was the first get away that I prepared for with intention. And that intention brought with it a revelation about the true state of my life.

My intention: Rejuvenate. Every cell of my mind, body and spirit. To allow flow and awe and joy despite the hassles and upsets we would encounter. 

While on our vacation away, my mind began to wander ahead, counting the days left of our stay with friends in a gorgeous all-inclusive resort on the Riviera Maya, Mexico. Each morning, although I was fully aware of the ever-shortening time remaining, I found myself noticing that the sense of dread I expected to feel at the thought of returning home was…absent.

I brought this to the attention of my husband one morning while we were laying in bed, relaxing before heading out for the day.

“This trip has been a reality check. As much as I don’t want our time here to end, it feels amazing to actually look forward to being back home in our life. We must be doing something right.”

This state of contentment and peace has only been made possible with clear intention and design. Here are my top x tips for creating a life you don’t need a vacation from.

Get absolutely clear on what you want your daily life to feel like.

My husband and I had to do it all wrong to find our way to what feels right. Not so long ago, we were frazzled, drained and resentful. We had an a-ha moment during a deep discussion about what we could begin choosing to do differently for ourselves. And those choices began to become more evident once we allowed ourselves the space to envision what we truly wanted our days to feel like. In our case, peace became the priority.

Embrace the delight of time affluence.

“We are a materially affluent society, but we are a time-deprived society in most places around the world,” says Tal Ben-Shahar, positive psychology thought leader. “We need to slow down, because we are constantly doing too much. What we need to actually do is less rather than more if we are concerned about our happiness.”

The premise of time affluence is one that came on my radar during my time studying positive psychology with Wholebeing Institute. I took this as a prescription toward my personal well-being and it has created a deeply joyful life.

Release your need to overfill your days, to multi-task and be in constant motion. Allow yourself to be and receive the life that you’ve been working so hard for. 

Identify your tribe and prioritize time with them.

Too often, we allow our time and energy to become depleted by people who just aren’t good for us. People who chronically complain, abuse, degrade, expect, guilt, judge or operate from any other low-grade energy will completely zap you of your essence and beautiful life force.

Sit quietly and imagine times you’ve felt most connected, supported and safe while with others. Who is present? Reflect on why those interactions stand out in your mind in comparison to interactions with others. They are your circle, your front row as meditation teacher davidji teaches, your tribe. They root for you and provide non-wavering support.

They see the best in you even during moments you’re not acting from that best self.

Prioritize time with this group. Adjust the amount of time and energy you spend with everyone on the outside as lovingly as possible.

Begin each day connected to your big “Why.”

The list of projects, countless meetings and to-do’s are in service to your big “why”…the thing that means everything to you. Whether that be connection with loved ones, your favorite cause, healing, abundance, find a way to begin each and every day with that “why” in the forefront of your mind. 

Make choices in alignment with serving that “why.”

Eliminate distraction. Enjoy each step toward achieving the next level of joy derived from that beautiful “why.”


Melissa Dobson

Melissa is an emerging thought leader, creator and facilitator of healing immersions in the Finger Lakes region of Upstate New York.

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