Celebrating 600,000friends/followers on Simple Reminders…I love this man …

✨Celebrating 600,000 #Instagram friends/followers on Simple Reminders ✨

I love this man more than words can express. @BryantMcGill and I have been on a magic carpet ride since the day we met. I am honored and proud to stand by you on our mission of love as Jenni Young McGill. On our 7 year anniversary, I can still say today, what I knew from the very first day — that it is your high integrity that has earned and kept my undying respect for you. We have just begun darling! Teamwork truly does equal Dreamwork! … xoxo @JenniMcGill
Co-Founders of Simple Reminders

#simplereminders #simplethings #love #truelove #success #teamwork #dreamwork #marriage #soulmate #twinflame #husbandandwife ✨??

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