Catch A Glimpse Of Being Fully Alive

Time slows down and the lights turn up.

Step beyond your busy mind, rise above your doubt and worry, and you will shift into a place, a state of a pure awareness — where you know who you are and you like what you see. In this space, in this slice of stillness, you glimpse a perfect reflection.

Time slows down and the lights turn up.

You recognize you are awake and alive — and in that moment — you like what you see. You catch this perfect reflection when you arrive in the space between thoughts, in the pause between breaths. Here you begin to trust your basic goodness and essential pureness. You know yourself as being enough. And this is where life blossoms — in your slice of stillness, staring at your perfect reflection — where you catch a glimpse of being fully alive.

Glimpses like this are powerful reminders that you are living and breathing. They change your perspective on life, for the short term at least. They light you up. There is no mistaking when you catch a glimpse of being fully alive — you stop in your tracks, hold your breath for a moment, and open your eyes wide. You see the world as brilliant and your experience as sacred.

Glimpses of aliveness come and go in a flash — like sunshine on the top of snow-covered trees or a flock of birds catching the wind in unison. They may last longer when your stare at the ocean, or listen to an open-air concert under a star lit sky. You may remember them forever like the moment your child entered the world, when you nailed a singing audition or received a big award.

Glimpsing aliveness is not something you possess — you can’t buy or hoard brilliance. If you are too busy, you will miss it. Instead, this slice of stillness, this peek of pure awareness, must be directly experienced — right now.

You can practice catching a glimpse of being fully alive in three ways:

  1. Step beyond your busy mind by noticing when you are drowning in thought, distracted or pulled away from by your to-do list, worry about the future or judgment. Over-thinking creates disturbance, not stillness.
  2. Rise above your doubt and worry by noticing when you get caught in your made up story about yourself or others. Doubt is a waste of energy and blocks you from seeing your perfect reflection.
  3. Allow yourself to rest in this moment. Right here and right now is the easiest place to drink in aliveness. Take a breath, look around you, don’t miss the opportunity to see your perfect reflection and to know who you are and like what you see.

Step beyond your busy mind, rise above your doubt and worry and in this slice of stillness you will see the world through pure awareness.

You will trust that you are enough — and when you do, you will directly experience the spontaneous pureness of being fully alive — and you will never, ever look back.


Cara Bradley

Cara Bradley, a former pro-skater for Team Rollerblade®, is a yoga teacher, mental strength coach, author, and entrepreneur having devoted more than three decades to movement disciplines and personal transformation.

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