Carpe Diem!

Seizing this moment in time will set the pace for the days ahead.

A new energy fills the air as the New Year begins with a burst of light shining across the stars.

It is the kind of energy that sparks excitement, belief in magical adventures around every corner, and a quest for discovering the new horizon. It’s built around time, this feeling that we hold onto so personally and so reflectively.

We think of the past, the moment of now, and we cast our wishes into the future with hopes of New Year resolutions catching hold of something wonderful and desired.

This time of the year is a special reminder for me that we are living in our present moment, sowing the seeds of our intentions right now for our future. We are connected vibrationally to the Earth, our roots deeply grounded like a mighty oak holding us to the very Essence of life itself. Our mind is traveling like the stars in the Heavens with wishes, intentions, hopes, and dreams.

For us, some of these are personal, like wishing for a better job, more money, health, and success.

We remind ourselves during this time of the year with the new calendar that changes are abundantly possible all around us. The most reassuring thing about change is that it is consistently changing as life evolves and spins into a symphony of new melodies. It is a wonderful time to recreate oneself, to feel the joy in having a vision, to be inspired, and to fill our hearts with gratitude for the experiences of everything up to this moment.

Sometimes it takes time for changes to appear. And sometimes change comes in waves or spurts of growth. The change that we feel is electrifying like a spark igniting the dark skies on a winter night. The flame of desire to triumphantly reach personal goals is contagious as we join in fellowship to share our New Year hopes and resolutions.

I remind myself during this time that change occurs right in this very moment.

The choices that we make right now, right now, and right now form our future. It is with deep contemplation that I am tuned into the energies around me while I cast forth the dreams and wishes.

Each year is different, yet the feelings around the beginning of the year are always magical. We have this delightful feeling that there is a positive future for us ahead. The very act of setting a resolution is to say that we are no longer doing it the old way. We are beginning anew. We are reborn like the phoenix bird out of the ashes of time into a new life that soars to the heavens. The hope and joy that fills our hearts is a wonderful reminder that with consistency we can embrace change, too.

We can remember that the consistent presence of the sun will shine each morning and set each night, yet each day is a new opportunity to hope, dream, and create.

Seizing this moment in time will set the pace for the days ahead. Carpe Diem!

Jennifer Lyn Sanin

Born in 1969, on a Full Moon in October, I have always been attracted to a passion for learning, play and finding sources of joy. Throughout my years, I have worn many hats in my work life yet the most recent one that I am pursuing is writing and journaling my thoughts in my own words for the purpose of experiencing true growth and fundamental ways to give back in life. As I explore my own gifts, I enjoy sharing what has worked for me and what might be beneficial for others. I am a mother, wife, scholar, and educator.

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