Breaking down the walls of ‘I Can’t’

It's time to stop focusing on the walls, and start seeing the possibility beyond... the possibility to BE.

Have you ever found yourself in a place where you feel surrounded by walls of ‘I Can't'? Walls that seem to stifle your creativity or block your change into who you want to be.

Perhaps your wall of ‘I Can't' is one of not enough time to do the thing that you are longing to do. Every day you climb into bed and complain to yourself that you've still not been to the gym, done any painting, written any pages of your book or (fill in your blank).

Perhaps your wall of ‘I Can't' is that you still don't feel like you know enough. You just need that extra qualification, that final certificate, that last tick in the list of boxes that seems to grow longer each time you get near the top.

Perhaps your wall is that you don't know how. You just need to find out how one more person does their thing, before you can start doing your thing; or you need to get that one last detail sorted before you make your move.

We've all faced walls of ‘I can't because…' that we've tried to get over, get around, get under or find any way to get through.

If you're not ready to give in. If you've tried and tried yet your yearning is still there. It's time to stop focusing on the walls, and start seeing the possibility beyond… the possibility to BE… in spite of.

You may not have the job you love right now, or all the money you'd like. You may not have the support that would help you to create your dream, your yearning, and your calling. But you CAN become the thing you want to be, a piece at a time. 

Replace and renew your life as the new you.

Take a look around you and ask yourself if what you see in your world reflects what you WANT to be.

What's on your bookshelves, are they books about your passion and new life, or leftovers of where you were before? If your old life is reflected there, box up your old books. Empty shelves to be filled with new dreams and passions, are better than old dreams as a constant reminder of who you no longer wish to be.

Give your new self a time to flourish as part of your old life.

If you want to be a writer, write. Write for 5 minutes on the bus or while waiting for the kids outside of the swimming pool. If you want to be a teacher, then teach. Be a teacher while working the checkout, while you're on the building site or as a taxi driver. Walk your talk. Be who you want to become, in spite of your current job or circumstances.

The walls of ‘I Can't' hold no boundaries if you become who you want to be, in every moment of your life. Don't allow another day to pass without gifting yourself the joy of being, doing or sharing who you want to be.

Share your whole self. Allow the new you to shine little by little to everyone in your life.

Life will start to flow, the walls of ‘I Can't' will no longer hold their power, and your whole life becomes an opportunity to show your true self, and be the real you.


Cat Knott

Cat Knott is an Inspirational coach, writer & unashamed believer that there's magic in the world!

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Melissa Rose Rothschild
Melissa Rose Rothschild

Love this , Cat.
Every day is a new beginning!
Much ❤️ love


Love, Love, Love this!
Thank you Cat, no one busts the ‘I cants’ of life better than you!

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