• Aaron Hawkins

    Aaron Hawkins is the host of Unbreakable Success podcast. High-Performance Mindset Coach for Leaders, Influencers & Mission-Driven Entrepreneurs.
  • Akiroq Brost

    Akiroq is a Human Potential Inspirational writer, who has a passion for helping others explore and harness the extraordinary potential that lies within each and every one of us.
  • Amanda Fernandez

    Amanda Fernandez needed a hero, so that's what she became. Her writings are inspired to help you heal and recover.
  • Dr. Amanda Richardson

    Amanda Richardson, PhD, MS, CHWC provides nutrition and lifestyle coaching as well as personalized yoga and aerial fitness instruction to support healthy living.
  • Andrea Horvath

    Andrea Horvath is a mother, coach and blogger. Her tools and information will inspire you to live the life of your dreams.
  • Andrea Schulman

    Andrea Schulman is a former high school psychology teacher and the creator of Raise Your Vibration Today.
  • Ane Krstevska

    Ane Krstevska is creator of Self Develop Shop. A daydreamer and a night thinker. Blogger. Reader. Writer. Traveller. Coffee drinker. Sunshine mixed with rain, creating a beautiful rainbow.
  • Anna Major

    Anna Major is an Author, Public Speaker, World Traveler, Thought Leader, and Conscious Parenting Educator.
  • Anne-Marie Wiesman

    Anne-Marie Wiesman CEO & Founder of Healing Connection Network. Host of HCN Live TV. Tapping expert, Author, Advocate, Activist for abuse survivors.
  • Ayonna Suttles

    Ayonna Suttles is an Author, Blogger, Mentor, Encourager, Adventurer & Free Spirit
  • Barbara Sherry Rose-Vain, PhD.

    Barbara Sherry Rose-Vain, PhD is the bestselling author of twenty-eight books, a world renowned Higher Consciousness Awakening Life Transformation Specialist and spiritual teacher.
  • Barbara Vercruysse

    Barbara Vercruysse is a coach, spiritual mentor, thought leader and public speaker. After facing several challenges in life and surviving a stage 4 skin cancer at the age of 32, she decided to live her second life at the fullest. So after running a successful 6-figure construction business for 18 years, she dedicates herself to her true passion now: guiding people through a deep transformation. She supports people around the world in leading a fulfilled life, creating impact and success by living and leading with love. One of her clients is BMW where she operates as a Quality Manager and Business Coach, she is responsible for screening all business processes and guiding people to perform optimally in their job. Having worked and still working with several coaches and mentors herself, she knows the transformative power of a personal coach. Once you open yourself up to being coached, you begin to receive the same advantages enjoyed by great actors and athletes everywhere, you grow so much stronger and you become more responsible for changing yourself. Empowering people, supporting them in taking their lives to the next level, sharing love, wisdom and compassion, have become her life mission. Barbara is a Certified Master Life Coach, Business Coach and wrote: ‘Start the Life of Your Dreams – A 7-step Program to a Successful and Fulfilled life’. She was published in the Huffington Post and wrote the book: '7 Most Powerful Techniques to Release Stress'. She was recently selected for the ThoughtLeaderSchool founded by Bryant McGill and is part of the selection committee of
  • Becky Vollmer

    Becky Vollmer is a mom, writer and founder of You Are Not Stuck, a community focused on empowerment and choice.
  • Becky Walsh

    Becky Walsh is one of the world’s leading authorities on self-belief and intuition.
  • Brian Thompson

    Brian Thompson is Creator of Zen Thinking and author of the upcoming book, Sparks to Awaken. Writer, speaker, and teacher of Non-Duality who shares original essays, poems, podcasts, and videos on spiritual self-realization.
  • Bryant McGill

    Bryant McGill is a human potential thought leader, international bestselling author, activist, and social entrepreneur.
  • Cara Bradley

    Cara Bradley, a former pro-skater for Team Rollerblade®, is a yoga teacher, mental strength coach, author, and entrepreneur having devoted more than three decades to movement disciplines and personal transformation.
  • Carla Laskey

    Carla D. Wilson Laskey is a writer, blogger, author, inspirational speaker, wife, mother and advocate for HOPE and CHANGE! She loves to read and write and honestly believes that she was created to use words to motivate and encourage others. Her first published website came from an inspiration to create a virtual space for people transitioning in the way that they "believe". Her website is a "safe space" for encouraging and supporting others on their journey of "Having The Courage To Believe Differently.
  • Carmen Harra

    Intuitive psychologist. Relationship coach. Best-selling author. Singer. Radio host.
  • Carrie Doubts

    Carrie is a Certified Professional Coach specializing in transition and grief as well as an Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner.
  • Catherine B. Roy

    Bestselling Author, CEO and Founder of “Live from Your Heart and Mind” (LHM), Heart and Mind Coach, Human Potential Thought Leader, MENSA member and Award Winning Artist and Scientist whose stimulating, upbeat and inspirational writings have helped countless people in the world.
  • Cat Knott

    Cat Knott is an Inspirational coach, writer & unashamed believer that there's magic in the world!
  • Silvia Bianco

    Silvia Bianco, MBA, is an award winning chef, writer, teacher and former restauranteur where she wowed her patrons with original sauté dishes inspired by her native Italy. She began offering cooking classes to her restaurant patrons in 1995. Today she teaches private and corporate group classes for some of America’s top companies including: GE, Unilever, Dannon, Barnes & Noble, Proctor & Gamble and many others.
  • Lee Christopher Grant

    At my core, I am driven by curiosity, seeking knowledge and wisdom, and focused on creating value in the World. I’ve devoted much of my life in the pursuit of meaningful connection and growth, and as a result, have become adept at surfing through the waves of uncertainty. I’m a person on a journey, seeking to explore and develop to my fullest potential, and this journey has led us to create the MeYouSocial community. As a serial entrepreneur and active journeyman hiking through the 21st century, I play many roles; my favorites being: "Wealth Architect," "Master Strategist," and "Sovereign Leader." People find me eccentric, intelligent, creative, honest, loyal, committed, and focused. I've been gifted with an old soul, strong heart and dynamic mind. These allow me to be an effective coach and advisor, helping others steer through complexity, believe in what's only imagined and actually do the “impossible.” One of my core beliefs is that in our greatest desires, our greatest potential to achieve them often lies within our strongest fears. When I look at my life, I feel amazement, joy and gratitude for what's occurring. I’m privileged to have had major challenges–and with them–extraordinary opportunities to grow not only as a person but professionally. Today, I'm focusing all of my energies on creating alignment, intention and contribution. I'm working with several innovative organizations, contributing where I can and am exploring various opportunities to grow spiritually and professionally...
  • Charles F. Glassman

    Dr. Charles F. Glassman, aka Coach MD, is a medical doctor, thought leader, & author who has learned that true holistic care arises when we balance mind, body, & spirit.
  • Dr. David Villarreal

    Dr. David Villarreal, an international renowned leader in holistic dentistry, is sought out worldwide for his expertise in biocompatible dentistry (matching body chemistry with compatible filling materials to strengthen, rather than weaken the immune system) and the removal of mercury fillings.
  • Derek Henry

    Derek Henry is a well respected holistic health coach, educator, and writer.
  • Di Riseborough

    Di Riseborough is quickly becoming known as ‘The F-Word Specialist’. As a Fear & Forgiveness specialist, she helps you become consciously aware of what fears are driving your decisions in life, and assists you in making positive changes and better choices.
  • Eileen Anglin

    Life Coach, Writer, Artist, Voice Actor/Actor, Activist Promoting environmental awareness human kindness. Working on creating global change, one heart at a time by promoting compassion and human kindness. Life coach and writer hoping to help you to live the life you were born to live. It’s time to shine your light. The world needs it. Founder of The Path of the White Rose® LLC
  • Elisabeth Corey

    Elisabeth is a survivor of family-controlled child sex trafficking and sex abuse. Her education in social work and her personal experiences as a survivor inform her intimate dialogue about the biological, psychological, social and spiritual aspects of trauma recovery, which she discusses on her blog at
  • Ella Hicks

    Ella Hicks is a survivor of many things, however her biggest battle came during her 12-year abusive marriage. **Note: I cannot use a photo of my face due to safety concerns due to domestic violence.
  • Evelyn Ryan

    Evelyn Ryan is a certified life coach, author, business owner, process improvement expert, researcher and the CEO and founder of Yourlifelifter, a web-based life-coaching center that provides practical, inspirational, truth-based and simple solutions to address life, self-esteem and emotional well-being issues to tens of thousands of people from across the globe.
  • Gilbert Ross

    Gilbert has been writing about personal growth topics for a number of years on his blog SoulHiker and on various other media.
  • Guy Finley

    Guy Finley is the best-selling author of more than 40 books and audio albums on self-realization.
  • Tiffany Nguyen

    Tiffany Nguyen is a down-to-earth optimist, spiritual life coach, speaker, and doctor of pharmacy. She’s currently living in sunny Florida and enjoys helping people, especially busy professionals, to find their own truth and unlock their authentic happiness.
  • Shivali Singla

    Shivali Singla is a content writer, traveler, Influencer and avid book reader and reviewer. She is the founder of
  • Jack Canfield

    Jack Canfield, America's #1 Success Coach, is founder of the billion-dollar book brand Chicken Soup for the Souland a leading authority on Peak Performance and Life Success.
  • Jackie Dorman

    Jacqueline Dorman is a dynamic entertainer, speaker and author. The former General Manger of the Emmy winning Guardian Television Network she saw a need to raise the bar in women’s entertainment.
  • Jane Garapick

    Jane Garapick is a dating and relationship coach, and the founder of Getting to True Love, LLC.
  • Janice Wayne

    Janice is a Women’s Health Advocate and Educator for over 35 Years. She continues to teach women how to rediscover their power as an author published at McGill Media and Simple Reminders. She is the founder and owner of Yours Mine and Ours Memory Box. She is dedicated to her continuing spiritual journey to help further change the world, one step at a time.
  • Jenni & Bryant

    For 17 years we have served our world-wide family of over 12 Million Social Subscribers for free with our writings, speaking, and media outreach. We enjoy encouraging people with daily Simple Reminders for a life of Meaning, Motivation, and Mastery. We are living our dream daily, serving those seeking inspiration, health, freedom, and truth around the world.
  • Jenni Young McGill

    Author, Speaker, Photographer, Publisher, and Entrepreneur
  • Jill Alman Bernstein

    Inspirational Writer, Deep Sea Soul Diver, Freelance Editor, Heart Centered Writers Coach, Mother, and Mermaid.
  • Jennifer Lyn Sanin

    Born in 1969, on a Full Moon in October, I have always been attracted to a passion for learning, play and finding sources of joy. Throughout my years, I have worn many hats in my work life yet the most recent one that I am pursuing is writing and journaling my thoughts in my own words for the purpose of experiencing true growth and fundamental ways to give back in life. As I explore my own gifts, I enjoy sharing what has worked for me and what might be beneficial for others. I am a mother, wife, scholar, and educator.
  • Jo Davis

    Entrepreneur, "Yes" Mentor, Author, Public Speaker, International Artist, Photographer, Skydiver & Lift A Sister UP Founder
  • Jonas Lui

    Jonas writes on self-Improvement and motivation.
  • Karen Baquiran

    Karen is a wife and mother of two who resides in Laval, Canada. She works full time as a radiation therapist specialized in oncology, however her real passion is for writing.
  • Neville Berkowitz

    Neville Berkowitz is a global businessman with over 45 years experience, a loving father and Spiritual Author of 18 free books found on his two websites, and Neville is described by world famous author, Dan Millman, as a ‘Renaissance Man’ being able to blend his proven business acumen with a spiritual way of being to benefit many people. Personal Empowerment’s Facebook page ‘Path to Personal Empowerment’ has in excess of 1.2 million Followers after 3 years.
  • Kim Standeven

    Kim Standeven ACC, BA ia a Wellness & Leadership Coach, Author, Speaker, Facilitator,Thought Leader
  • Kristi Ling

    Kristi Ling is a happiness strategist, transformational life and business coach, and author working to help others create joy and realize their dream life.
  • Laurie Lankins Farley

    Laurie has been widely recognized for her gifts as a Psychic Medium, internationally known deep energy Intuitive and as parenting expert. She has worked with, and assisted people, parents, and families all over the world, held sessions/readings with known celebrities from all walks of life. Because of her talent and a passion for working with parents and children she has published an inspirational children's book, "The Positive Little Soul" Endorsed by Doreen Virtue and James Twyman. Laurie has been on the stage with such individuals as New York Times best-selling authors and Thought Leaders, Dr. Shefali (Appearances on Oprah. ) The Bestselling author of The Conscious Parent ), Neale Donald Walsch (New York Times best-selling author, Conversation with God book series ) and Bryant McGill ( McGill Media / Simple Reminders. ) Laurie is also the co-author of Conversations With God For Parents with Neale Donald Walsch, the New York Times best-selling author of the "Conversations With God" book series. Please visit:
  • Lea Ann Mallett

    Lea Ann Mallett is a wild woman, activist, speaker, writer, photographer, midlife mama, radical joy warrior.
  • Lea Wink

    Lea Berry is a certified professional Life and Career Coach with expertise in organizational motivation and workforce training and development.
  • Leonard Perlmutter

    Leonard Perlmutter, founder of the American Meditation Institute (AMI), is the author of an acclaimed book The Heart and Science of Yoga: The American Meditation Institute's Empowering Self-Care Program for a Happy, Healthy, Joyful Life, an encyclopedic guide to meditation and the Yoga Science that supports it.
  • Linda Pollock

    Linda Pollock is a Spiritual Medium, Transformation Coach and the Founder of Mindful Wishes, an online community source for inspiration, self-discovery and empowerment.
  • Liz Dawn

    Author, Speaker, Co-creator of Celebrate Your Life. Lover of open hearts & spiritual connections.
  • Luca Bosurgi

    Luca Bosurgi DHyp, MBSCH is an Anxiety Specialist, Mind Trainer, Creator of CognitiveOS Hypnosis® and Host of The Anxiety Clinic in Santa Monica, LA, Laguna Hills, OC and WorldWide.
  • Lynn Andrews

    Lynn Andrews is the New York Times and internationally bestselling author of over 20 books and workbooks beginning with her Medicine Woman series. Today, she is recognized worldwide as Western society's leading female shaman and mystic.
  • Maria Koszler

    I am a Thought Leader, Writer, Poet, Photographer. Creator of A Message From My Heart, Every Season Has a Reason and Thoughts Words and More. I use my creative talents in a unique way to Inspire others with my various writings and photography taken on walks around Lake Ontario and the Niagara Escarpment, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve where I am blessed to live. Grateful beyond words for a life of purpose.
  • Maria Lacey

    Maria Lacey was born in Australia and has travelled extensively overseas being led by visions, dreams and spiritual guidance. The author of a personal and spiritual memoir, One Path, Many Lights. Maria writes about life (the human and spiritual path), the adversity, learning, musings, and triumphs. A successful entrepreneur with over 19 years in her own business, Maria humorously states, “I am my greatest case study.” Maria is a qualified Counsellor, Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master Teacher, Spiritual Teacher, Meditation Teacher, Sound Healer, Channel, Author and Speaker. Maria feels passionate about restoring hope into the hearts of many. For further information about the author go to:
  • Marie Fay

    Published Author, Speaker, Certified Life Coach, Designer — Empowering others to live their happiest lives!
  • Mary Davis

    Mary Davis is a wisdom seeker, spiritual teacher, graphic artist, app designer and author of Every Day Spirit: A Daybook of Wisdom, Joy and Peace.
  • Mayuri Rana

    Meditator, Energy Healer, Spiritual Seeker & Researcher, Light Worker
  • McGill Media

    Our brands are among the fastest growing thought leadership, lifestyle, and personal empowerment brands and new media networks in the world, reaching 1.5 billion unique users every year. We are dedicated to socially conscious programming and educational media that empowers individuals for greater social good, and personal awesomeness!
  • Melissa Rose Rothschild

    Melissa is a Thought Leader , mentored by the founders of the international powerhouse , McGill Media, a published author, an entrepreneur and a self-help Spiritual guru in-training. She is a recovery advocate and speaker and became sober, awakened and eternally grateful ... one day at a time on 11/29/2004. She worked as a former director of an international personal development center and as a personal development lecturer for the Southeastern , public, middle schools and high schools. She empowers young people to pursue their dreams and helps children and adults with tools to succeed. Melissa believes our purpose in life is love and that everyone has the light within to shine and share in the journey of love. She is the creator and CEO of Princess Rothschild, “crowned”.
  • Melissa Dobson

    Melissa is an emerging thought leader, creator and facilitator of healing immersions in the Finger Lakes region of Upstate New York.
  • Mhelvz

    Words enliven my soul. I advocate science of happiness whenever I am with those eager and enthusiastic minds. To discover, to unlearn, and to seek wisdom with gusto fuel me to continue. My heart desires for genuine happiness. "Desiderata" by Max Ehrmann serves as one of my guiding principles. "3 Idiots" never fails to make me laugh, cry, fall in love, and follow those things I am passionate about.
  • Michele Joy founder of Miracle Mindset

    Michele Joy is an Author, Law of Attraction Coach, and Speaker. She offers Online Courses, Ongoing Events, and Personal Coaching that will support you as you become a Master Manifestor of Your Own Reality!
  • Michelle Homme

    Michelle A. Homme is a published author and energetic speaker, bringing her personal experiences, life-oriented stories, and inspirational message to everyone she meets. Her company, Constant Change, LLC is an empowerment partner with FITGirl Inc, a non-profit organization in Omaha whose mission is to empower teenage girls.
  • Mike Adams

    Mike Adams, the "Health Ranger," is an outspoken consumer health advocate, award-winning investigative journalist, internet activist and science lab director.
  • Nicholas J Cobos

    Nick Cobos is a thought leader and writer at McGill Media. He loves to share his words and songs of encouragement with all the dreamers and doers of the world. He published his biography "Dreamer's Don't Quit" in 2003.
  • Nicole Barton

    Nicole Barton is a passionate Wellbeing Ambassador, adoring all things holistic and natural, with a particular passion for the innovative field of inspirational thought.
  • Noelle Dodge

    Trauma-Informed Psychotherapist, Intuitive Healer, Simple Reminders Writer & Online Host. Entrepreneur and visionary.
  • Paige Bartholomew

    Paige Bartholomew is a licensed psychotherapist who holds a Master’s Degree from St. Edward's University in Austin, Texas.
  • Pammie Day

    Pam has been a Registered Nurse for 30 years, holds a Bachelor's degree in Management and Ethics and is pursuing her Ph.D. in Positive Neuropsychology. She is a Nurse, Author, Philosopher, Entrepreneur, and Promoter of Human Potentiality. Her primary life philosophies come from her father's teachings,: "The only failure is the failure to live to one's highest individual potential." and, "We are all in the process of Becoming."
  • Partha Nandi

    Partha Nandi M.D., F.A.C.P is the creator and host of the medical lifestyle television show, “The Dr. Nandi Show”.
  • Pat Armitstead

    Pat Armitstead is a Registered Nurse with a major in education, plus she is a Master Practitioner of Neurolinguistics. and a Certified mBIT coach. A professional speaker and motivator, she is an expert on leadership, communication, grief and stress.
  • Rodney Flowers

    Transformational Speaker & International Bestselling Author helping others reach their goals, experience their dreams, and live successful purposeful lives.
  • Sarah Willoughby

    Sarah Willoughby is an Author, Speaker, Spiritual Mentor, Reiki Practitioner and Intuitive Energy Healer. Passionate about encouraging people to reconnect with themselves and love who they are, Sarah is committed to empowering each person she works with to heal, be peaceful and transform their life. Sarah’s forthcoming book on self-love through secondary infertility, is motivated by a desire to be a voice for others, help remove the silence and provide hope to those navigating this difficult path.
  • Sara K. Wasser

    Sara Wasser is the creator of which is the materialization of her purpose in life, namely to lovingly commit to understanding and honoring the special character and true identity of others so that they may safely delight in the richness of a far better life.
  • Savannah McGill

    Artist, Singer and Sassy
  • Sayer Ji

    Founder,, the world’s most widely referenced, evidence-based natural medical resource.
  • Shobhit Choudhary

    Shobhit Choudhary is a lifestyle blogger. In his den he talks about relationships, family, women, travel, bodybuilding, nutrition, style, accessories, books, and essential skills.
  • Sierra McGill

    Student, Writer, Reader, and Observer
  • Sifu Matthew

    Sifu (Master) Matthew, is a Kung Fu Master and wellness pioneer, who teaches the science of force mastery for optimal performance and healing.
  • Simple Reminders

    Simple Reminders is a creation of love, and home to thought-leaders Bryant McGill & Jenni Young McGill — a couple on a mission to inspire and uplift with daily empowering Simple Reminders!
  • Sindy Warren

    Sindy Warren, a lawyer by trade, but yoga teacher by passion, wants to make the entire system of Yoga accessible to individuals looking for a more satisfying and rewarding way to live.She is a certified yoga and meditation teacher and a lifelong student of the practice.
  • Stacie Hammond

    Stacie Hammond is a public reference librarian by day and a writer by night, and enjoys empowering women to live their best, most fulfilling lives. Ana J. Awakens is her first published novel. She keeps a blog and contributes to other lifestyle and inspirational websites, on occasion. She lives on the North Shore of Long Island, New York, and is Mommy to an amazing little boy. She is loving life while busy working on her next project.
  • Sylvia Huang

    Social media coach, helping new and small biz owners to grow their brand and tribe online .
  • Tania Fields-Bedford

    Tania Fields-Bedford has extensive experience in the field of Leadership Development, Management, Sales Training and Coaching.
  • Theresa Ho

    Theresa Ho is an 80' music lov in', Old Fashioned drinkin, freedom livin', travel junkie sent to zap living a double life right outta you.
  • Tracy Morrow

    Tracy Morrow is a Certified Meditation Teacher, Trainer and Writer. She is currently invested in helping create better lives by opening minds and resources in order to improve wellness and recovery, for families living with behavioral health challenges, through her nonprofit organization, Big Elephant. You can learn about her tips for mindful living at OmLifeLab.
  • Elle Forest

    Elle is a writer, an apprentice of Toltec teachings, a glittery creatrix, priestess and Certified Warrior Goddess Facilitator. She loves teaching women and creating deep connections within harmonious community. She lives with her four wonderful boys and fiancee. Her hobbies include repurposing, remodeling and refinishing thrift store finds.
  • Uchenna Ilo

    Doctoral researcher (Responsible Innovation Management), Spiritual Teacher, Philosopher, Social Entrepreneur, Creative Writer, and Lover of Life.
  • Vicki Savini

    Vicki Savini is a mother, a teacher, a Hay House author, and an inspiring speaker, who has been empowering children & adults through individual consultations and group workshops for over a decade.
  • Vishnus Virtues

    Vishnu writes a popular relationship and personal development coaching blog.
  • Wong Lok

    Love..... Being a walking aphorism. Sharing my personal encouragement experience. Code Visual ART with WebGL. #Kindness API #VisualART #CURE
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