Authentically You

The greatest gift you can give to yourself is also the greatest gift you can give to the world – it’s simply the real you!

Do you ever feel like you live as multiple personalities?

You’re one person at work. Another at the gym. And yet another with your friends and family.

Do you long to live an integrated life? A life authentic to who and what you are?

Life on Earth can be challenging for the spiritually illumined. We’re aware that the substance of life resides elsewhere, yet were heavily invested in the physical realm.

So, how do we honor our true self when conformity beckons?

It’s not easy, but the best way to silence the misunderstandings of conformity is to live transparently.

Similar to Fear, Conformity loses its sway when confronted. Fear fades into courage once challenged and conformity dissolves into respect when denied.

Every human heart yearns to live authentically and self-expressed. When you live transparently, governed by purpose and passion, you ignite the desire in others to do the same. An integrated person effortlessly evokes hope in others.

Practically speaking, what does it look like to live transparently at the office? Should I practice my sun salutations in the break room or offer a guided meditation at the watering hole? Should I pray with my coworkers?

No, no nothing like that. To live transparently means to live in peace with yourself.

You know what you love. Honor those things first.

Let your decisions be made from a place of self-love and self-respect. As a result, you will find others naturally gravitating towards you, seeking to understand the peace that you carry. In time, without your prompting, they’ll ask to know more.

Walk in the liberty of who you were designed to be and you will find a trail of hungry hearts eager to learn from you.

The greatest gift you can give to yourself is also the greatest gift you can give to the world – it’s simply the real you!

How will you show your authentic self today?

Sara K. Wasser

Sara Wasser is the creator of which is the materialization of her purpose in life, namely to lovingly commit to understanding and honoring the special character and true identity of others so that they may safely delight in the richness of a far better life.

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