Are You Ready to Suffer for Your Purpose?

We cannot obtain the purpose without the suffering, and if you want the purpose you are willing to pay the cost of suffering.

Suffering is a very harsh word and suffering is also a harsh experience, but suffering brings about so much growth in our lives. Many of us want to know our purpose in this life and we are trying to figure out what we are here on this earth to do. You may refer to purpose as a calling or success, but we must be ready to experience the suffering for this purpose.

Purpose! It is my belief we are here for two reasons and those reasons are:

  1. To love one another
  2. To share our gifts and our individual light with the world.

We love each other when we love ourselves and the more we love ourselves we soon begin to awaken to our true self and our individual purpose on this earth. Although I do not subscribe to religion I do like to use the bible, because it is my belief this is what the bible was meant for. I believe that divine inspiration was given to everyone who wrote a book in the bible, because we are also given divine inspiration.

I believe when we are given divine inspiration we are given the power to create using our imaginations.

The bible holds wonderful stories of some amazing individuals who endured suffering to fulfill their purpose. These stories bring to life the imagination of some inspirational individuals and they give us hope when we are on our own path to purpose.

In using my imagination and receiving my own divine inspiration, I like to think to achieve anything great in this life, you must endure suffering. The price of success or purpose does not come without a cost, we must pay something. Many times, we pay by losing things and people which have tried to hold us back. Other times we may begin to question everything we have been taught to believe. I follow many people on Instagram and I see more and more successful people practicing mindfulness and meditation. I am not sure if these people come from religious backgrounds or not, but from a personal standpoint religion was not working for me when trying to attain my goals.

The more I began practicing self-love I discovered more about mindfulness and meditation.

I believe in a divine source or creator, but I don’t believe in organized religion. It is my opinion, religion is based on mind control and instilling fear in others and ultimately this is keeping us from pursuing our purpose.

When you have dealt with this fear for years, there is much suffering which needs to take place in our lives to rid ourselves of this fear which has controlled us for so long. Many people are not realizing their dreams or their true potential because of this fear, because religion has been birthed in many of us for many generations. When you are seeking purpose, there are many things which come up for healing and most of the suffering is based around fear, doubt, worry and control.

I can only write from personal experience, and while I did not realize it at the time, everything I have experienced in my life was for my purpose. There has been much suffering on this path to purpose, but everything you go through is meant to prepare you. Is the suffering easy? No, but the lessons and experiences have been worth it, and the suffering is not a destination but a journey.

The path does not get easier, but you learn to adapt better when the trials and obstacles come your way.

You will never be prepared for them when they come, but you learn to handle them better. In the beginning, you may fall apart, but after you have experienced the suffering and let go of the bullshit, you breathe in peace and exhale chaos.

I may call it the path to purpose, but someone else may call this the path to success.

The path to purpose will cost you and will break you, but what it builds on the inside of you is far more precious than any item you could purchase. We all have our own individual paths we must take, and I write this blog to be an encouraging voice for others if you are on your path of success, your calling or your purpose. I am here as a living testimony, because if I can make it through then you surely can too! DON’T EVER GIVE UP! Keep wanting to know and pursue your purpose so much, that you are willing to suffer and lose your old self to find your true self. 

This experience has taught me so many valuable lesson about what is truly important in this life.

We tend to primarily focus only on our wants, but take our daily needs for granted. For instance, if you were living in your car and washing yourself in a Walmart or gas station bathroom, you would see how you are blessed to have a hot shower to enjoy. If you were homeless and living on the street, you would see how it does not matter the size of your home, but the importance of the roof over your head. If you were living out of your car, you would be thankful to have a car to sleep in and the type of car would not matter.

I write to encourage those who may be experiencing suffering or difficulty on their path to purpose.

I want you to know whatever you may be experiencing on your path is necessary for your growth. We may need to experience this hardship so we can know the feeling of being without, so we don’t take our blessings for granted when they begin to manifest in our lives. Don’t run or fear the suffering, but embrace it and trust that your higher source will lead you. We must endure this suffering to grow through old mindsets, beliefs, ideas, old habits, old relationships and many other things we have refused to let go to grow. These things have only held us back from realizing our true potential and finding our true self. Joseph, David, Esther and so many other people in the bible had a purpose, but it did not come without suffering.

We cannot obtain the purpose without the suffering, and if you want the purpose you are willing to pay the cost of suffering.

The story of Jesus is a great example of suffering in the name of purpose, because he was willing to die to pursue his purpose. He was willing to give up everything even his life to fulfill that purpose. I don’t think we need to go to this extreme, but we must want the purpose enough to give up everything. What you gain will be so much more rewarding than anything you had before.

So, if you really want your purpose, the only question I have for you is: Are You Ready to Suffer?

Ayonna Suttles

Ayonna Suttles is an Author, Blogger, Mentor, Encourager, Adventurer & Free Spirit

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