Archangel Prayers to Guide Your Day

Remember, you are never alone in your challenges. The angels are near.

In my morning spiritual practice, I always ask for assistance from my Guardian Angel and from the Archangels. And you can too.

Archangels are radiant, supernatural beings in the higher realm of angels. They are messengers from God, delivering important signs, symbols and guidance when we are open to receiving them.

Some of the most celebrated of the Archangels are Michael, Gabriel, Uriel and Raphael.

In a recent post, we talked about connecting with our Guardian Angels and of their constant presence in our daily lives. Their unconditional love and guidance supports us in countless ways.

Archangels can communicate with us on the earthly plane as well, to assist us in meeting the challenges of our lives, and also in deepening our spirituality and helping us embody greater love, compassion and peace.

Yes, they can help us release our fears to the power of love. We could all use a little of that, right?

A few years ago, after a series of loving communications with Archangel Michael, I felt a strong pull to learn more about the Archangels and to create prayers that would invoke their assistance. With the help of my fellow angel lover and earthly mom, we gathered a mountain of Archangel information. The prayers below are the result of our Archangel Project and can be used at any time of need.

The Archangels are extensions of Divine Love, sent by God to assist us. We are not praying to them as much as through them. Remember to request assistance in alignment with the highest good of all and to be open to creative solutions. Our prayers are always answered – but not always in the ways we expect.

And remember, you are never alone in your challenges. The angels are near.

Archangel Prayers:

Dear Archangel Michael (name means: Who Is as God),

Please defend, protect and guide me today. Assist me in every decision, great and small. Cleanse me of darkness and negativity, and keep me safe from harm. Lift the walls of doubt, fear and worries, filling me with strength, peace and Divine wisdom. Remind me of my worthiness as a spiritual being and of my soul’s constant connection with the Divine. Amen.

Dear Archangel Gabriel (name means: Strength of God),

Please open my heart to messages of spiritual insight. Help me to clearly express my truth with kindness and love. Open me to creatively use this day in alignment with my Divine purpose. Assist me in overcoming fear and fill me with strength, love and grace. Guide me through the changes in my life. Amen.

Dear Archangel Uriel (name means: Fire of God),

Please light the fires of illumination, and facilitate any necessary transformation and rebirth in me. Assist me in realizing my goals, dreams and aspirations. Impart ideas and insights that light my way today. Guide me in unlimited possibilities, so I might be used by Divine will for the highest good of all. Amen.

Dear Archangel Raphael (name means: Healer of God),

Please bring to me the Divine light of complete healing—physically, mentally and emotionally. Assist me in opening my heart to unlimited faith so I may be restored to my spiritual wholeness. Help me to activate my own healing and creative energies. Shine healing grace on all humans, plants and animals, and to our beautiful planet earth. Amen.

Mary Davis

Mary Davis is a wisdom seeker, spiritual teacher, graphic artist, app designer and author of Every Day Spirit: A Daybook of Wisdom, Joy and Peace.

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