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How to achieve true success in a difficult world

We need to be constantly reevaluating what success means. Most so-called success in the world is slavery. The trappings of success often bring the opposite of success, at least in the ways most meaningful to people’s lives. Beware! Success is not what you think it is. It’s often a trap. You have been programmed from birth into a sick construct of competitive violence. Most success by your likely definition will lead to the destruction of your individuality and your inner-beings grand potential.

“For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?”
— Matthew 16:26

There is nothing intrinsically wrong with being successful and we should have abundance and success in our lives. But, we must possess the inner maturity to handle success; individually and as a culture. Every degree of success must be paired with a degree of integrity and compassion.

Success without integrity is always fleeting, or monstrous.

Success without integrity is always fleeting, or monstrous. Real success sometimes involves saying no to growth, expansion and gain. Real success often involves absorbing tremendous loss on a personal level. Real success often involves sacrifice. Real success always involves virtues such as humility, compassion, and an abiding reverence and respect for life.

Success reveals its own insignificance in a life of true meaning.

Success can be deadly, while failure feels safe. Success is a risk, and failure seems guaranteed, so failure feels less disappointing. Success is more painful than failure, because it comes with the death of anticipation and longing. The anticipation is always sweeter, than the moment what you longed for arrives. Once accomplished, success reveals its own insignificance in a life of true meaning.

Success can be like building an empty castle, when all you really needed was a true home for your heart. Success itself has vanquished many noble hearts. It has turned kings of spirit into spiritual paupers. Success has led soulful masters of life’s grand estate, into spiritual bankruptcy. Through blood, sweat, and tears, chasing success will exsanguinate you of the life-blood of your very soul. The false need for what is commonly seen as success, continues to rob people of the true success, with which they were born.

Success is a seducer in a marketplace of pimps and whores.

Success is a seducer in a marketplace of pimps and whores. Success has turned an Earthly paradise, into a global brothel. Success is ambition porn, and it’s addicts need no anonymity, for it is the open pornography of the culture. Success is the father of frauds, and countless bastard children of ambition’s covetous wandering-eye, and capital philanderings. Success is legal heroine — it is the cocaine of the culture; an opportunity opiate. Success is a license to kill in the name of, “nothing personal, it’s just business.” Success is the front-line of class warfare. Success is an object of tireless desire. We have objectified success, even more than we have objectified women. We are success prejudice, more than we are race prejudice. Success is an equal opportunity destroyer. As war often comes in the name of peace, success the destroyer, often comes in the name of creation. The devastation of success is usually unleashed through the pursuit of so-called solutions. Success is the greatest of all panaceas.

Success was never meant to be an attainment; it was meant to be a testament.

Success was never meant to be an attainment; it was meant to be a testament. Our eye on the prize has moved from freedom, to success slavery. For many, success is the end of the road, that begins with a single step. Don’t trust the path success takes you on, or what it leads you to. Most success will lead you to falsity. Quit trying to be successful. Redefine success from this day forward. Put it in its place. Quit begging, groveling, manipulating, conniving, scheming, and wanting with such desperation. Don’t allow success to turn you into a desperate, empty, begging fraud. Self-satisfaction and gratitude for your completeness and innate perfection, is the most mighty of all successes. Reach for success, but slap its hand when it reaches for you. Because what success wants from you, is what you want from it — everything. There will never be enough that you want from it, and that it wants from you. Successes’ demands are as endless as yours. It will siphon the reservoir of your hope to the last drop. Master success today. Be its master, not its slave. Success is illusionary; an oasis in a desert, but which itself, is already in a true paradise. Success was always with you. You were born a success, and you will die a success — if you can be successful at accepting the victory of living.

Positive thinking is useful, but highly overrated.

Positive thinking is useful, but highly overrated. Being truly successful does not require winning the positivity pageant. Being unsatisfied is healthy too. My whole life is an engine of dissatisfaction. It’s why I wake-up in the morning. If you are unsatisfied, moody, discontented, and the song in your heart sounds more like a long frustrated moan, it’s fine — groan, grumble, sigh, even growl. But, don’t forget this; you are more. Real success is found in the balance of all things. Be fair with life, inasmuch as you wish life to be fair with you. Make your contentment equal to your discontentment. Voice your praise-filled gratitude as loudly, as your shouts of foul. Pray or give thanks in your own way, as earnestly as you bemoan your woes. Savior and sigh in the bliss of affections, as gutturally as your furrowed growls. Shout glory, Hallelujah, or thank you, thank you, thank you, as fervently as your most exquisite rage.

Dream, reach, long, want, and hustle, but never once — for success.

Stretch your finger-tipped reach for inward success, as far and deep, as your reach outward. Ardently strive — toward yourself. Dream, reach, long, want, and hustle, but never once — for success. Do it for you. And please, do it as you. Let your success merely be a testament to a life well-lived — in the way that it must be uniquely lived for you, and only for you. Success is merely the acknowledgement of your significance. And the highest form of success, is to behold, and ever defend the significance of every person, as reverently and devoutly, as your own.

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Bryant McGill

Bryant McGill is a human potential thought leader, international bestselling author, activist, and social entrepreneur.

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  1. Wow. I learned so many new ideas about the true meaning of success. It takes a lot of courage to live life on our own conditions. Thanks for yet another masterpiece of brilliance. Your writings reach and touch the depths of the soul.

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