Accept Nothing Less than Success

When you begin to channel your creative energy you will see that your possibilities are truly limitless.

What is reality? Is it the environment in which you find yourself? Is it the sense within you? Is it none of these things?

When it comes to your life, reality, simply put, is what you make it. You can choose to accept the things that happen to you, and allow them to remain your everyday reality. Or, you can choose to get up and keep fighting and bring about the desires you want out of life, and then your new situation will be your reality.

Your reality is what you choose to accept as your reality.

You have creative energy living within you. When something happens that seems to interfere with your goal — your creation of the situation to which you aspire—you can choose to harness that creative energy and continue creating the situation of your liking. Instead of choosing to let the obstacle defeat you, choose to continue on your path and continue in your creative process.

When you begin to channel your creative energy you will see that your possibilities are truly limitless.

The only thing limiting you is your own beliefs about what you can do, or what you think you can't do. As such, you must choose to change your belief system regarding what you are capable of achieving. 

You can choose to accept defeat, or you can choose to only accept success.

I urge you to make the choice that you will only accept success. There's no doubt about it, you have what it takes to make your desires of life your reality, however you ultimately must be the one to choose success.

Accept nothing else.

You do not have to accept your environment. Nobody on this planet is “doomed” to live without all the things they could possibly want; the problem is so many people choose to accept what happens to them instead of choosing to accept only the success that they bring by channeling their creative power.

You must exercise faith. Faith means you do not believe in what you see as your current reality; rather, you believe in what you know is possible. It is to see what is possible and then act to bring that possibility into being.

Your present situation — or the situation in which you find yourself after an unexpected setback — can limit you only to the extent you allow it to limit you. You can choose to accept the things that happen to you and allow them to limit you, or you can see what is possible and choose to accept nothing less than the best.

It is however, your decision. What will you choose?


Rodney Flowers

Transformational Speaker & International Bestselling Author helping others reach their goals, experience their dreams, and live successful purposeful lives.

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Melissa Rose Rothschild
Melissa Rose Rothschild

Rodney, Thank you for the great inspiration and motivation .
Sometimes if we don’t reach a goal it may be a redirection to our destiny … we must never give up!
Gotta have faith ❤️

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