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For 17 years we have served our world-wide family of over 12+ Million Social Subscribers for free with our writings, speaking, and media outreach. Our brands are among the fastest growing thought leadership, lifestyle, and personal empowerment brands/new media networks in the world, reaching a staggering 1.5 billion unique users prompting 372 million physical interactions of engagement by 253 million unique users every 12 months.

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12.5 Million Subscribers and Growing. One of the Fastest Growing Lifestyle and Personal Empowerment Brands in the World!

International Community Building and Cross-Cultural Friendship. Real! Not Just Social media. Worldwide Physical Meet-ups.

2017 Forbes Feature. 2016 Inc. Magazine’s “Icons of Entrepreneurship”

Weekly Facebook Engagement and Reach Comparison (Source: Facebook, 4th Quarter 2018)

All Time High — 90 Day Peak Impressions

5 Year Impressions / Engagement Property Breakdown (Source: Sprout & Facebook.)

Yes, that’s right! Nearly EVERYONE on facebook (whether they realize it or not) have had our posts come across their feed at one time or another. 🙂 This 50+ billion impressions does not include content deeply permeated throughout the internet, and other pages that we cannot account for because we do not have direct stats. Our content reach is actually significantly greater. (2014-2018 Reference)

Web Only Cross-Segment Comparative & Competitive Analysis (Source: Alexa)

McGill Media’s Historical Seasonality Trends for Self-Help and Transformational Content

Published, Interviewed, and Mentioned Around The World by Leading Organizations

Founders, Bryant & Jenni “On the Go!” at

McGill Media’s Simple Reminders is a creation of love, and home to thought-leaders Bryant McGill & Jenni Young McGill — a couple on a mission to inspire and uplift with daily empowering Simple Reminders! We are dedicated to socially conscious programming and educational media that empowers individuals for greater social good, and personal awesomeness!

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We created our dream by being good people and working hard. We turned our skills and passions into a creative lifestyle we enjoy. We did all of this with creativity, passion, two laptops, a phone, a few cameras — and of course, LOVE.

The McGill Peace Prize Foundation and Charitable Trust

The Peace Prize Foundation (  The Peace Prize is an accessible and relevant award for recognizing, inspiring and supporting a new generation of peace makers in their efforts to create a world of greater safety, goodwill and harmony. The Vision. Like the Nobel Peace Prize, but Cooler. “Millennialized.” Our goal is to be fully operational by 2018 with a peace prize (youth and mainstream relevant, exciting 2.0 peace prize) for the mobile generation. Our organization will mix the best elements of the Clinton Global Initiative, the Academy Awards, CNN Heroes and the Nobel Peace Prize. Our mission is to build a solid legal and financial NGO/Foundation, coupled with a mainstream edu-tainment platform to educate the world about social change opportunities through service. On the front-end we will inspire and motivate through social media, major network TV award ceremonies and docu-series, while on the back-end empowering social change leaders with publicity, resources and funding.

The Royal Society of Manners, Etiquette, Comportment, Kindness, and Personal Development.

The Royal Society is a personal development community of international friendship, cultural respect, mutual dignity, and encouragement. But more than that, it is a world-wide family dedicated to the practice of “The Royal Way”; a lifestyle based on a deep respect and abiding reverence for the dignity and worth of all people. Our mission is to “Hold The Space” for others to awaken to their inherent value, worth, and royalty, and to step into their greatness, higher purpose, and fullest potential.

(A small passport sized book sharing these principles is forthcoming, to be distributed around the world.)

We are a global society of good-spirited people who share common values and aspirations for personal empowerment and a kinder world. We are the world’s first ever intimate video community of all member generated content about living a royal life. We are a debate and divisive issue free zone, which creates a safe place for heart bearing and connecting deeply with people from all walks of life and cultures.

We are also an incubator for creating 1000 high visibility, world-class authors and thought-leaders at McGill Media, ( / www.GoMcGill.TV) and thousands of future official Goodwill Ambassadors to the McGill Peace Prize Foundation and Charitable Trust. ( / www.NPO.EU)

ORIGIN: was created from concepts from Bryant & Jenni’s books and ministry, regarding the incredible worth and value of individuals, and the respect and high regard we should have for one another.

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