A Secret to Creating an Enjoyable Life

You are an unlimited creator with your Creator as you co-pilot in your life.

Are you a passport holder of the greatest nation known to man? Imagination!!

The power of imagination knows no boundaries.

What you can imagine you can achieve. Feelings may have boundaries due to such previous feelings but imagination is a helium balloon reaching for the sky.

Even the saying, the sky is the limit, has proven to be too limiting as man’s footprints have been on the moon since 1969.

By aligning your imagination with the imagination of your soul, your Higher Self and your Higher Power then your creativity knows no boundaries, anything and everything is possible.

You are an unlimited creator with your Creator as you co-pilot in your life.

Where you use your imagination to place yourself in the other person’s shoes and you develop understanding, compassion and empathy for them, then there will be no judgement of them on your part. That is a major step towards an egoless existence where your Higher Power will be found.

The creativity of imagination is seeing these not as they are but as they could be. Surely this is the start of every meaningful endeavour by man from the creation of fire, to inventing the wheel, to our current experiments with driverless cars.

Unfortunately, imagination is a double edge sword.

As it provides hope so it also creates fear. Training your thoughts to see the positive and creative in life and ignoring the imaginary doubts and fears borne by your insecurities is the way to develop your neural pathways in your brain to use your imagination for the good of all and not for self-harm through doubt and fear.

Imagination is the spark to ignite a positive, creative and enjoyable life.

Neville Berkowitz

Neville Berkowitz is a global businessman with over 45 years experience, a loving father and Spiritual Author of 18 free books found on his two websites, personalempowerment.co and guidespeak.com. Neville is described by world famous author, Dan Millman, as a ‘Renaissance Man’ being able to blend his proven business acumen with a spiritual way of being to benefit many people. Personal Empowerment’s Facebook page ‘Path to Personal Empowerment’ has in excess of 1.2 million Followers after 3 years.

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