A Lesson for everyday Superheroes

Why sometimes you have to let the bridge fall

Are you the person that everyone comes to when they’re in trouble?

Are you the first person to be called on for help, advice or a sympathetic ear? Welcome to the world of the everyday Superhero!

As an everyday Superhero, it’s built into your DNA to step up; to fix, do, heal or change anything you can that will help ease the pain of someone else. You’re the person that everyone can open up to (even the slightly weird lady on the number 37 bus). You’re a safe space in a scary world where people run to when they feel fear; and your ability to care makes the world a better place.

This world needs people like you. There is always a disaster going on somewhere in the lives of someone we know or love. It’s just the way the world is — a series of challenges, some big some small (hopefully not too many involving aliens with plans on world domination) but never the less, always challenges.

Even Superheroes can feel the pressure to always be there, but it’s important to know that sometimes diving in to save the day isn’t always what’s needed the most.

Are you holding up bridges that actually need to fall?

A signature Superhero move is catching the falling thing. We’ve all seen it in the movies… the falling bridge, road or railway track. The Superhero swoops in at the last minute, saving the screaming innocents as the bridge they’re standing on is about to hit the ground.

But let’s be honest, that scenario doesn’t usually happen in real life. The real life examples of a falling bridge are usually a plan that someone’s been building suddenly becomes impossible — for whatever reason. But our everyday Superhero tendencies still want us to dive in, to fix and lift and do what we can.

But here’s the question… what if that bridge was meant to fall?!

Just because the person that came to you for help has been working toward something which has crashed around their ears, take a quiet moment to ask yourself if it’s really your job to try and fix those plans? Or are you better to take a step backward and listen… to try and piece together why it had to fall?!

It’s OK to let someone else’s bridge fall from time to time; maybe holding it up isn’t the help that’s needed.

Sometimes we can only see the truth behind someone else’s disasters when we take time to listen, to see the real stories behind what they can only see as impending doom.

Take a step back, and listen, not only to the fear and the panic of the moment — but to the reasons why the falling bridge was so important. Was it being seen as a last hope, or an only option and is that really the case, or just a symptom of a blinkered way of seeing the world?

Allow the full picture to form just by listening, and instead of diving in to offer solutions, just let the pieces of the story come out as they should. It’s Ok to just listen.

Is your Superhero intervention stopping someone else finding their own Super Power?

Only when the odd bridge or two we’d pinned our hopes on collapses do we find inside ourselves the strength to take a different route. Self-worth is a tricky thing and if we’re always saved from disaster it never has a change to really smack us around the head and say … “See… look what you did, look what you achieved. Well done! You see you can do it!”

By stepping back out of your Superhero role now and again, you give other people a chance to find their own inner strength and the Super Powers that they didn’t even know they had.

Choose your fights wisely.

As an everyday Superhero, you need to be there. You make such a difference to the world as a whole, but it’s important to choose your fights wisely.

It’s vital to allow others the chance to step into their own power, to face their own challenges… and sometimes to catch their own bridge, or even to see it fall.

We can never see what the universe has in store for us, or what is around every corner. But from every challenge a new understanding of life becomes real.

Sometimes that bridge needs to fall.

At times like these it’s OK to stand back, even as the Superhero that you are. Be on stand-by, but not to save the bridge; to be there for what comes after!

Cat Knott

Cat Knott is an Inspirational coach, writer & unashamed believer that there's magic in the world!

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