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A Few Practical Applications Of Real World Meditation And Micro Meditations

The time to meditate is not just on the yoga mat… A few practical applications of real world meditation and micro meditations. Practical aspects of meditation. There is a lot of diversity in this field and people tend to make meditation too difficult. Get out of your own head, similar to day dreaming. The state of mediation is a state of non doing. A state of being who you really are. It’s letting your inner you, who you really are, emerge. Release and accept that you make mistakes. Accept that people around you make mistakes. People commonly hold tension in their jaw, in connection with anger and stress. Practice releasing your tension, a partner can help you with this. There is a connection between thoughts and our body. Now try and do this type of release with your mind, and add day dreaming to this. Relax and Release the pressure of the moment. For some people music may help them to get here. No special tools or mats needed. Make the connection between the mind and the body two way flow. Adopt that to words and then into thoughts. Direct love inward and release tension. Practice.

Bryant McGill

Bryant McGill is a human potential thought leader, international bestselling author, activist, and social entrepreneur.

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