9 Simple Pleasures That Don’t Cost a Thing But Time byLife isn’t about large…

9 Simple Pleasures That Don’t Cost a Thing But Time by @michelle_a_homme
Life isn’t about large or expensive things, in fact, our greatest treasures come from the smallest of places.

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9 Simple Pleasures That Don’t Cost a Thing But Time

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1. I want to walk in morning and feel serenity and best healing nature with listening song 2 .I want to play cricket as well that will pleausre for me 3 . I want to go for bike travelling most likeable road where many more beauty present. 4 Sit any tea stall or coffee stall between garden type enviorment with less crowded. 5 . I have more passion to see mountain view with sunlight and greenery field 6. Feeling share with your very closet person to me that how I had really hard time 7 Studying with your best companion who are well acceptable by me, it’s also place where I will be doing this 8 Want to visit some old places which was really liked by me 9. Go somewhere alone to extend my skill and try to fix things what is really important by thinkng about like imagination. Different person have different best liable place but this really good and nothing cost you and easily available most of person residence surrounding.

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