8 Ways to Stay Calm in Stressful Situations

When the circumstances are against you, either you can react in a way to make the situation worse, or you can stay calm and find a positive solution to the problem. It is easy to stay calm in positive circumstances, but the actual test is how you behave when things get tough.

Be it a situation at your workplace, at home or with friends, these few simple tips will help you to stay calm under stressful situations.

Consider it a Learning Opportunity:

Difficult situations and difficult people give us an opportunity to learn. Instead of losing heart in a bad situation, learn from it. The more experience you have, the more mature you become.

Remember There is Always a Solution:

Just like a lock is never made without a key; similarly there exists a solution to every problem. Instead of constantly worrying about the problem, think of some way out. When you start focusing on the solution, it means you have shifted your attention to come out of the stressful situation.

Realize it Might Have Been More Dreadful:

Under a stressful situation, we consider ourselves as the most woeful person on the earth. But remember that it’s not like that. If we realize the fact that the situation might have been a lot worse than it is right now, we will be able to cope with the problem in a peaceful way. 

Stay Positive:

Positive thoughts play the role of anti-anxiety medication. You have to focus your mind on something good that happened in the past or something exciting that is going to happen in the future.

Express Gratitude:

Look around and see people who are having harder times than yours. It will be helpful for you to be grateful for your present situation. Research has found out that the gratitude reduces the stress hormone in our brain by 23%. It helps improve your mood, elevates your energy and plays a major role in helping you stay calm under pressure.

Sleep Well:

Not taking a good amount of proper sleep raises stress hormones. A good amount of sleep is very important for emotional well-being and reducing stress. Undisturbed sleep recharges our brain and makes us calm and alert for the next day.

Reduce Caffeine and Nicotine:

Smoking is considered as a relief for stress but the fact is that it is highly responsible for increasing stress and anxiety.  Nicotine present in cigarettes creates a sense of relaxation temporarily but then raises the symptoms of stress and anxiety more than before. Similarly high intake of caffeine is responsible for the fight-or-flight response. Reduce the intake of caffeine and stop smoking to reduce your stress.

Practice Yoga:

Yoga has positive effects on physical and emotional health. It brings peace of mind and removes stress and negative feelings. Yoga has always helped in calming me whenever I feel depressed or stressed.

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Jonas Lui

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  1. I stay absolutely calm whenever the opponent person is rude but if i m victimised by abusive behaviour ,i don’t shout but I raise my voice against it…i do hide my tears and don’t show my feelings of hurt evrn if i m shaken…There is no point arguing ….some things never change …

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