7 Common Vibration Killers to Avoid

We all have some days where a high vibration seems to come naturally, and others where we get stuck in a lower frequency.

Trying to keep your vibration up? We all have some days where a high vibration seems to come naturally, and others where we get stuck in a lower frequency. Below are 7 common vibration killers that are often responsible for our lower moments in life.

1. Working too hard:

If we're working too hard, we're not going with the flow. If you feel like you are dragging yourself to get through your work and obligations, do yourself a favor and take some time off to rest and relax! Life doesn't have to be so hard, and when it isn't our vibrations improve dramatically!

2. Lack of sleep:

Sleep is a natural vibration raiser. We all feel better when we're well-rested, and we all feel like garbage when we're not. For a high vibration, make getting enough sleep one of your top priorities every single day.

3. Spending too much time around negative people:

It's hard to hang out around people who are miserable without picking up a little of that misery yourself. While you don't have to cut all of the negative people out of your life, you can do some work to get some breathing room away from the toxicity and bad energy.

4. Holding grudges:

When we've been hurt by others, it's easy to hold on to grudges for a long time. Grudges, however, are total vibration killers. They bring out the worst in us, and keep us from accepting the past and moving on with our lives. There's no worthy reason to hold on to hate in your heart, because the only one it hurts is yourself. Forgive, forget and move on for the sake of your own happiness.

5. Worrying:

Worry is a fear-based emotion, and fear attracts unwanted consequences. For example, if you are worried that you are going to miss your flight, you are much more likely to miss your flight. This is because we get what we are thinking about with the Law of Attraction. If you can't think about a subject without feeling worried about it, do yourself a favor and distract yourself from the situation.

6. Complaining and gossiping:

Complaining and gossiping only serve one purpose, and that is to bring us more of what we are complaining and gossiping about! The problems in our lives stem from our negative attitudes, and complaints and gossip only strengthen our negativity. It can be challenging to let go of these behaviors, as so many people today engage in them, but realize that these actions will only ever make things worse for us.

7. Saying “no” to fun times:

So many of us say “no” to fun activities because we don't want to shirk our responsibilities, we don't want to spend the money or we don't want to be perceived as being juvenile or silly. Just remember, life is passing you by. Every fun opportunity you pass up is one less opportunity for you to feel joy in this lifetime.

So, the next time you are feeling the negative effects of a low vibration, do a quick inventory of your actions to make sure that you're not engaged in one of these common vibration killers! Avoiding these issues will help you to keep your mindset more positive and keep your vibration moving at a higher rate.

It can be challenging to let go of some of these habits, particularly if we've been leaning on them for a long time. There's no need to beat up on ourselves if we've been complaining or holding grudges, because in many cases it will take time to completely eliminate these kinds of actions from our lives.

We shouldn't expect perfection from ourselves, but for a better vibration, we'd be wise to be more aware of our behavior choices and make beneficial ones as frequently as we can. With awareness, it becomes easier to make choices that improve our vibrations and create better lives for ourselves.


Andrea Schulman

Andrea Schulman is a former high school psychology teacher and the creator of Raise Your Vibration Today.

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Melissa Rose Rothschild
Melissa Rose Rothschild

These are all definitely vibe vampires !
Thank you … a list we all could hold on to as a reminder.

Akiroq Brost
Akiroq Brost

Self-care and balance are important themes in my own life. It is something I really strive to be mindful of and practice, especially given the fact that I am very focused and ambitious. I wake up around the same time every morning. This means I need to be extremely mindful of when I go to bed. It’s important to learn to work with ourselves, not against. Awareness is a key factor in being able to work with yourself.
Yes, I restricted access to myself in. I don’t want anything to do with negativity or drama. Yes, we have a choice as to what we emotionally engage with. I often stop and ask myself if this will help or harm me before proceeding. For me, presence, mindful presence, helps keep worry and stress at bay. I am here now. Nothing else matters. Worrying and stress put us in a negative state of mind about things we have little to no control over. The only thing we have control over is what we do now. Yes, we always have a choice: complain or accept. Complaining does nothing to solve the problem. We can act or we can accept. Nothing else. I enjoyed your article, Andrea. Thank you <3

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