6 Tips for Connecting with Your Guardian Angel

We don’t have to endure the difficulties of this day alone.

I’ve always been an “angel person.”

When I was growing up, visits by angels and spirits were considered a natural part of life, so it was not particularly unusual when, as a young adult, I delved into a deeper relationship with my guardian angel. I called on her for help with just about everything. And I still do today.

It amazes me how many of us have forgotten that we have access to this great gift.

Or we never knew in the first place that we have untapped assistance nearby. We all face challenges every day that could benefit from a little supernatural assistance, and the help we need is standing right behind us. Yes, they are right here.

Guardian angels are ever-present gifts from God sent to assist us in life’s challenges. I know it’s a little hard to believe, but stay with me for a minute. It’s totally worth it to learn a little more about your angel and to understand how you can foster a beautiful relationship.

No matter who you are, or what your belief system is, each of us has a guardian angel who stays with us for our entire lifetime. This angel is overflowing with unconditional love for us. We can ask them for help with absolutely anything, and they will do their best to steer us in the right direction — always whispering, always guiding.

It takes a moment of quiet focus, but connecting with an angel is as easy as talking to a dear friend — and life changes completely when we make friends with our angels. We don’t have to endure the difficulties of this day alone. We only need to call on our friends in high places.

Here are a few tips for connecting with your angel:

1. Ask often.

Your guardian angel is here for the sole purpose of assisting you, but he or she will never interfere with your free will. Angels act on your behalf only when called upon. So, when you want their assistance, you need to ask for help. 

You can talk with your guardian angel in an uncensored way—as you would talk to your best friend—about anything and everything, silently or out loud. You can request assistance in all aspects of the day. Angels are helpful in the smallest, most mundane decisions, and in the most impossible, seemingly hopeless challenges. Once a request is made, help is on the way.

2. Pay attention.

After you ask for assistance, pay attention to the guidance you will receive in the form of signs, feelings or an intuitive sense of what to do next. Answers can also be received through a message from a friend or stranger, through something in the natural world like a feather or a rainbow, or even in the lyrics of a song. Signs can be found in billboards and in pages of a book. Be open-minded to your angel’s unique way of capturing your attention.

3. Act on the guidance you receive.

When you receive a sign, something in your spirit will be activated and you will know what it means and what to do. You might have an “aha” moment, and you will know which road to take based on this new understanding. Trust your intuition and act on the guidance you receive. The more you act on guidance given, the more you will notice guidance given. 

4. Ask on behalf of others.

Another way angels can assist you is with your relationships. You don’t directly communicate with someone else’s angel, but you can ask your angel to enlist their angel’s help in healing, in sorting out a problem between you, in helping them with their lives or their health today. You can ask them to work on impossible situations from higher realms. I have seen misunderstandings and family fallouts melt away after diligent requests for angelic intercession. When it feels like all is lost, there’s always hope because angels are near.

5. Give thanks.

It helps to give thanks before you even get an answer—as if it has already come to pass. Gratitude in advance can be offered right along with asking for help. For example, you could say or think, “Thank you for guiding me through the details of this meeting,” before the meeting has occurred, or “Thank you for solving this problem with me,” before the problem has been resolved.

Then after the help has been received or the support given, thank your angel for the assistance.

6. Leave room for something better.

You may have asked for a particular outcome, but it’s possible that the resolution of your request could come in a way that you had not thought of. Leaving room for a variety of results opens you to answers beyond your wildest dreams and expectations. You could say or think, “May this or something greater happen for the highest good of all,” or “I ask for the best possible outcome for all concerned.”

These simple tips can lead to beautiful changes in your life. As you go about your day today, know that the time is always right to renew your relationship with your guardian angel. You will be overjoyed that you did. And your angel will be too.


Mary Davis

Mary Davis is a wisdom seeker, spiritual teacher, graphic artist, app designer and author of Every Day Spirit: A Daybook of Wisdom, Joy and Peace. www.everydayspirit.net

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Mayuri Rana

Simply loved this article..I love connecting with my guardian angel..And all these points are so helpful.. I could totally resonate with every single point. Thank you for sharing <3


Thank you so much for this. I will definitely reach out more. I would love to have a deeper and much more intimate relationship with the Angels. Thank you!




Thank you for this beautiful article and reminder! Do you believe our beloved fur family members have angels? We lost our beloved dog, Tucker, a few weeks ago. I believe a cloud image of him, the morning after we said goodbye, was from him. I want to believe his spirit was soaring, pain-free, above my head on a road not far from our home. I want to believe the little yellow butterfly is our last dog, Pepin, and now Tucker. I’m trying to remain open to all and attached to none (thank you, Wayne Dyer!). Thanks again!


I love this article and tips as to how to stay close to Angels. I’ve always been interested in the Psychic world in my own way, trusting feelings, seeing signs, and people coming into my life out of the blue to assist me. But, after my Mum died, 13 years ago, my connection with the angelic realms became so much stronger. They were definitely around and have been since that tragic day. I would see signs, over-hear conversations which helped me decide what to do, I saw signs on buses, clocks, products, music, the list goes on. It’s quite something and provides comfort and reassurance if you can cope that way. I talk to them now, ask them for help, they are my guides and confidants. I have angel cards which I refer to and pendants that I wear. They are around, we just have to be patient, as they are. I do believe in Angels and I’m not justifying it to others I know. I know myself that they are there in their own way, and will guide us as we ask .


Hi and thanks Mary. Could you recommend an angels book to learn a bit more from our guardian angels?

Thanks in advance


Morning… so correct and you’re guidance is magnificent…I am thankful every moment of my life…you have to give all to god and we will be lead to the correct pathways, that god wants us to follow and reach….

Catherine B. Roy

What an incredible article right when I needed it. Beautiful! Thank you!

Melissa Rose Rothschild

Amen 🙏🏼 Hallelujah for the angels!
Thank you Mary

Tito Malabanan
Tito Malabanan

I’ve never asked any help from an angel eversince my childhood. Hopefully, he will just help me without asking him for help because that’s his duty as guardian angel. I do ask God for help in prayer everytime i pray and also thank and praise Him for all the blessings He has given me and my loveones. Also, i pray for forgiveness of all my sins and those who sin against me. Angels are SPIRIT BEINGS sent from God to guard and help ONLY those who are godly and fear God. Meaning, not all human beings have guardian angels. Examples of these are, idolaters, congenital liars, haters, murderers, drug pushers, drug lords, thieves, kidnappers, prostitutes, corrupt politicians, warmongers, terrorists, fortune tellers, and all evil doers. These are those who don’t have guardian angels. Unless these people change and are forgiven, they will not have guardian angels from God.
However, these people have angels also but not from God, save from satan who’s also an angel and god of this so called underworld. Their work speak of themselves.