6 Tips For Amazing Self Confidence

Confidence is not one of those things we get and never have to do anything with ever again.

Most of us will rummage through life picking up bits of confidence here and there, but never truly find a way to harness that power.

Some of our naturally-born spirit might come from doing things we are naturally good at from an early age.

Whether that be a musical instrument we happen to pick up at age 2 or we begin to draw at age 5.

Confidence derives itself from moments of triumph.

Failures can push us into moments of success and then confidence is seen as an after effect.

But because our confidence wavers as much as a breeze on a spring day, we need to find consistent ways to remain sure of ourselves.

Most people will run from things that are difficult and then speculate as to why they still feel weak and tremble at the first sight of doing something hard.

Depending on the situation, we might admire the confidence shown by someone else and secretly wish for the know-how on how to acquire such feelings of strong belief in oneself.

Just as strength cannot be found in moments where we are not physically and mentally tested, our confidence cannot develop if we never give it the time it needs to grow.

1. Acknowledge Your Fear

Too often, we run from what is intimidating. We make excuses and even allow the fears of others to become our own. What we fail to realize is that fear is only as strong as we let it be.

Understand what holds you back and appreciate that the anxiety you feel is something you control.

Fear is a manifestation of something in our heads and can be powerful to paralyze us.

But confidence doesn’t grow there. We MUST step out of our comfort zone and step towards fear instead of away from it.

Fear loses its grip on what we don’t do when we choose to act anyway.

2. Hang Out With Good People

If we truly want to develop confidence, we have to choose who we spend our time with a little better.

If our groups of friends consists of people who are negative all the time, they will bring you down with them in no time at all.

You need to surround yourself with people who will reach down and grab your hand and help you up.

The people who will encourage you and support you as you try something new.

Chances are you might fail the first time you try something and the last thing any of us need is someone telling us, “Told you it wouldn’t work.”

Trust your gut and the vibe you get from others.

People that make you better will always be there when you need them most.

Your confidence will be something people notice about you, even when you don’t say anything at all. 

3. Know Who You Are

Without a doubt. Key in your greatest talents and attributes, pushing the weakness aside. We all have them, but never let them be your focus.

Keep your soul at the forefront of where your confidence begins to grow as it will remind you from tipping too far into a direction you will not wish to go.

Knowing is different than believing – practice the art of knowing your truth, as much as you know your name.

If you are still unsure, be reminded of your passions and the fights you are willing to fight, even if you do so alone.

When no outside force can rock your solid knowledge of who you are, the smallest of criticisms and remarks will never sting like they are intended to do.

4. Learn From Your Mistakes

We will all fail and do things we wish we could undo. Applying those lessons to future events allow our confidence to become stepping stones instead of brick walls.

Showing others that we pay attention to the words that were said and the actions taken and accessing the results allow us to understand how things must change for things to improve.

Owning your mistakes also builds assuredness – and it tells others that you are not afraid to take chances.

5. Get Back Up

It’s easy to allow fear to derail us as it tightens its grip around the life we truly want to live.

In addition to fear, other manifestations will appear and proceed to kick us over and over, hoping to leave us defeated.

Fear will use you like a punching bag as it repeatedly makes you confront your biggest fears. Fear doesn’t stand a chance when you rise after you fall.

Because all of the words of doubt disappear and words like “I can” and “I’m still here” resonate in your mind and make your body do everything it is afraid to do. 

6. Believe In What Is Possible

It’s easy to let fear create negativity and bitterness in a world of misunderstandings and barely tolerant actions.

We look at what is directly in front of us instead of seeing what could be. Confidence of this magnitude requires that you also have determination, commitment, and hope in everything that has not shown itself to you.

It is one thing to assign this responsibility to someone else, but quite another to assume it yourself.

Conclusion We must appreciate the process of the creating of one’s confidence; also knowing that once a certain threshold has been reached, the level of confidence may fade in and out.

Confidence is not one of those things we get and never have to do anything with ever again.

It is something we constant must grow, test, and challenge every chance we get.

Once you master the above methods to increase your confidence, you will need new ways to challenge yourself.

It will be impossible to remain in the same place over and over again.

In situations when your senses are heightened, you will remain calm and know you are able to overcome whatever is in your way.

You will disregard the comments made by people who just can’t seem to find happiness of their own so they attempt to take some of yours.

The easy road will no longer be the road for you and running from your fears will never happen again.

Confidence becomes your shield, your inpenetrateable defense against everything the world uses to take you down and keep you there.

No more baby steps for you.

No more sticking your head in the sand waiting the trouble to pass.

You are a new person now and the world is the one who is a little afraid. I like your odds…don’t you?


Michelle Homme

Michelle A. Homme is a published author and energetic speaker, bringing her personal experiences, life-oriented stories, and inspirational message to everyone she meets. Her company, Constant Change, LLC is an empowerment partner with FITGirl Inc, a non-profit organization in Omaha whose mission is to empower teenage girls.

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How true is this article I enjoyed reading it I have had my confidence knocked clean out of me twice one terrible event after another for 10years straight now I think it’s how I deal with it because it’s my own power and mind of matter I’m in the seat of control not the situation

Fran Merkh

So much confidence circles around our heads while doubts linger. I’m not confident in myself but my confidence is in my Lord and that gives me confidence. Even in mistakes I’m confident I’m at the point place and time I’m suppose to be at.

Linda Smith

So enjoyed this read!! You can find an easier way to grow and rest! I can find that I have nothing can let me down. I can control myself, and my outcome!!Thank you for a different look at my future!!

Beatrice Hernandez

I enjoyed reading your uplifting article and simple yet very direct ways to lift one’s confidence. Sadly not everyone is born with the confidence you describe.
I used to have confidence until there was so much negativity and constant pressure it disappeared.
I thought it would be better after I retired…
It is extremely difficult when you are constantly informed you are not only incapable of making an intelligent decision;
you are not and never have been intelligent enough to ever make an intelligent decision regarding anything…
It takes a lot of self control to keep from losing all confidence.
Sadly one cannot say too much when one own’s family is constantly belittling you.
I grew up under strict supervision as a child.
I learned to never ever try to defend myself against whatever judgment was passed.
Thank you for sharing your thoughts in such a way they can help even someone who is in already past there youth.

Jeyashree suresh
Jeyashree suresh

…..and always believe ..”Every problem has a solution”……👍

Seema Prashant Pathre
Seema Prashant Pathre

Really I like ur article they mostly true about me encourage me to live a life meaning fully.
Thanks a lot.


I get a lot more confidence in myself when I pursue my hobbies such as old motor bikes, cars and tractors but when I thought I’ve made a compliment to the Pastor’s wife car saying “That’s a brilliant car you have there, Anna!” She sarcastically replied “Be careful John, it could be an idol.” I thought that was shit talk and it’s no wonder people like myself with creative minds hate going to some of those evangelical churches who have different viewpoints and opinions of others on their outlook with life in general. However, I do admit that when the Israelites were exiled out of Egypt heading to the promised land with Moses, they turned their backs on God after making and worshipping the GOLDEN CALF which God hated and Moses destroyed it after throwing those 2 tablets!
So for enthusiasts who enjoy working with their hands by having hobbies which help overcome boredom is a completely different kettle of fish compared to IDOLS like the GOLDEN CALF. There are idols in Catholic Churches where there are statutes of Jesus, Mary and Joseph which shouldn’t be there to begin with because one of those ten commandments stated “Thou shalt not have any graven image of any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth; you shall not bow down to them nor serve them. For I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children to the third and fourth generations of those who hate Me.”
Another reason why I abhorred some of those Christian Churches like the Benny Hinn’s Crusade was because they practice fake healings and false hopes for the believers who go there but have been utterly let down like myself in the past! Nah, I don’t have to go back there and allow myself to let them stuff doctrines down my throat. I get a lot more comfort just reading the Bible at home without man interferring with me by being back at those churches.

Melissa Rose Rothschild

“Too often, we run from what is intimidating. We make excuses and even allow the fears of others to become our own. What we fail to realize is that fear is only as strong as we let it be.

Understand what holds you back and appreciate that the anxiety you feel is something you control.“

Love this ❤️


good article. self confidence is a constant work in progress. I always give myself some slack after all we are human and will. It all comes. down to how we perceive are so called failures. I personally have thought of many things as a failure only to learn later to be grateful for the experience because it wasn’t a failure at all. It lead me down a better path anyway.

Kavita Gupta
Kavita Gupta

What a great post!! Lots of love and appreciation to the author! 💖✨🙏🍫😊

Rose Mcborrough
Rose Mcborrough

Wow…I must say just by reading these six steps of confidence has mounted me more…I really and truly appreciate cause I live in a part of the world where the mentality of the people are so negative on the west coast of Africa in a lil nation that have 3 boardering nation and the south is the Atlantic ocean ( Liberia) so ur words in these steps have really helped me…GOD BLESS and I apologize for not been replying to ur messages. Thanks! I appreciate.