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6 Steps to Encourage Positive Thinking

Think of your thoughts as though they were strangers passing on the street.

Think of your thoughts as though they were strangers passing on the street.

You can choose to stop them, to have a chat, or to simply pass them by. Which thoughts will you invite into your home? Which thoughts will you allow to influence you? Which thoughts will change you? If you strike up a conversation with a negative thought, you get to decide how often that thought comes around, or how often you let it work against you. Simply choose to pass your negative thoughts on the street and make friends with your positive thoughts.

1. Discover Gratitude

Remember, even if you have negativity in your life it does not define you, or your life. At all times, there is something to be grateful for, you just have to search for it. Gratitude doesn’t need to be difficult. Don’t base your gratitude on materialistic values such as; whether or not you have a huge house, a fast car, or an overflowing bank account. Gratitude comes from within. It can be as simple as appreciating the sun shining down on you. It may seem simple, you may even scoff at the idea of being grateful for the sunshine but try it. Give gratitude a chance. You’ll be surprised by how much beauty there is in your life.

2. Accept Your Mistakes

There is no person on Earth who has not made a mistake. Mistakes are a part of life. You have a choice in how you view your mistakes. You can see them as a failure or you can see them as a tool. Mistakes can help you learn; they can guide you in what not to do. Allow each mistake to help you to grow into a better, stronger person. Don’t try to control outcomes. Let it go. If you have good intentions, leave it at that. Don’t blame yourself if things don’t turn out. Don’t live in regret. Don’t beat yourself up. You can’t change what has already happened. Let the past build you up not tear you down. Use all the lessons your past has given you. All you can do is try your best.

3. Practice Mindfulness

The past can’t be changed. The future can’t be predicted. Live in the moment. Appreciate the here and now. Put your time and energy into the present moment. Don’t waste time and energy in regret over the past or by stressing about the future. Use your time wisely. Be aware of the decisions you are making with your time. Focus on living the time you have to the best of your abilities. Focus on the glory of now.

4. Find Your Strengths

Focus on your strengths, not your weaknesses. Focus on the positive, not the negative. Build yourself up by looking at your capabilities. Look at all that you can do. Look at all that you have done. Think about what makes you a great person. There is something wonderful in you, in every person, that can be revealed by adopting a better mindset. You aren’t full of flaws. You are full of potential, full of greatness! Tap into your greatness. Live your greatness. 

5. Surround Yourself with Positivity

The people around you can have a huge impact on your life. Look at the people you have surrounded yourself with. Don’t allow other people’s negativity to influence you. Boundaries can be an effective tool to protect your time and energy. Surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you. Build a network of supportive people. Find your tribe.

6. Create Forgiveness

Hatred is toxic. Resentment does not help your soul heal. Don’t seek vengeance. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Release the weight of the past and yourself from the pain. Let forgiveness set you free. Forgiveness is for you, not for them. Forgiveness does not mean you have forgotten what has happened. It means you have moved on from the pain into a place of healing. Don’t try to control the actions of others. Don’t assume responsibility for what others do. You are only responsible for your own actions.

Be patient with yourself, change takes time. Realize the power of your choices.

If you consistently work to improve the quality of your life, you will notice a difference. Keep trying.


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Wow amazing article I will definitely be using some tools or remember some when I feel the need to apply them I struggle quite abit lately with court all things going on somethines it takes a word of wisdom and advice from someone to help clean a path thank you for sharing your amazing story x

Melissa Rose Rothschild

Great steps to practice.
Thank you Avina.

Robert Walls

Love it Love it love it Much love and Many Blessings.

Mayuri Rana

This was such an insightful article. You have beautifully summed up how to live life positively in this article. I feel that every single point outlined here could be used as an affirmation in our day-today lives. Thank you so much Avina for sharing!

patricia jackson
patricia jackson

hI! I found all of these to be key points in my life to live a positive one. Today I am grateful for the simple things watching the birds fly, ridiing my bike, breathing fresh air, just breathing there is so much from everything to everyone around me. I surround myself with great positive support we all help to keep our positive energy strong and help inspire and uplift each other. For the longest time I would dwell on the past and somehow think I could change it or worry so much about the future that I was never living in the moment, I wasted so much time that I do look back and ask where did all the time go? well I really do know where now. I was missing life and not happy. Living in the moment even the smallest of one to truly feel it can bring you more joy than you think. I let things be and realize things do have a way of working themselves out. It is all part of God’s plan, and I put it in God’s hands and know it is going to be alright, and I do not have to keep wasting my time worrying. time is short i can start enjoying the moments and creating great memories. Forgiveness is huge for me if I did not forgive, and really when it came to my ex who hurt me in every way possible, I would not be where I am today. I began to really start to heal once I was able to tell him I forgave hi and mean it. I finally understood all about that forgiveness is not about right or wrong, it is not about them, it does not mean you will be friends or even communicate again, but it is for YOU. and it is really one of the most wonderful things when you can forgive because you can heal, you come to a place of happiness, and peace. For my situation it was huge, and also for my daughter forgiving me it was the biggest blessings precious gift. I was deeply sorry from the bottom of my heart for what I did to my daughter, it does not make it right but I know she knows that and I am so grateful that she did forgive me. But like I said depending on the situation when I go back to my ex boyfriend I did not need to feel he was sorry for what he did, I pray for him , and hope he does not harm others, but I knew he was never going to be in my life again which in that case was for the best. but like I always say our worst times in life bring us to our best! I am the positive person today because of them I found my voice my passion and I love to share it with the world!!! all these steps truly lead me to the great life I have today and they are in my heart and soul and do not leave me so I know my life will just continue to get better! and you can all have this life of joy and peace too! forgive yourself!! love yourself!!!!!! keep the faith!! God Bless You All!! thank you so much Bryant and Jenni!!! you are both making this world such a better place everyday!

Sarah Deleon
Sarah Deleon

I So Needed This Today.

Sarah Deleon
Sarah Deleon

Thank You So Much For These Articles. They Are Just What I Needed! One Thing Is For Sure , & That’s The Awesome Blessing That GOD Uses People To Help Us Just Like HE Did w/this Article. No Matter What I’m Feeling I Can Open My Phone & It Will Always Have Something Pertaining To What I’m Going Through.


Great Article!
Simply by one reading, the current of positivity runs through the whole body and mind. The whole mind gears up with new challenges ahead for a bright and positive future. Imagine, reading this article again and again so that the techniques mentioned not only get a permanent place in the sub-conscious mind but also visualize a glimpse of success ahead.
Thank you very much Avina!
Really Grateful for heart touching and challenging transition of mind.

Asshok Sripati

Suzan Muhialdeen
Suzan Muhialdeen

Superb article and tips which encourage us to think positively .In fact i noticed that to reach to positivity we need to descover the source of negative thinking could be regret, pain ,fear ,…,to get the proper healing for it , like a sick person can’t take medicines or remedy, without identifying the source of his pain ,because some people maybe put a mask of happyness without completely healing from their wounds ,and finally after healing the person will be strong ,wise , and grateful to all the lessons he or she got from the past ,and the sun will shine again after the storm .🌩🌧🌦🌤🌞

Pat Bernazzani
Pat Bernazzani

Thank You