6 Steps to Create a Life That Not Only Looks Good but Feels Good

You hold the power to create a beautiful life inside and out.

It is said that Our Inner reality creates Our Outer reality.

Our Inner reality is basically our state of mind, the way we feel about ourselves and the level of consciousness we are at; at any given point of time and our Outer reality is defined by the titles we have, what we do for a living and our overall outlook as perceived by the people.

Having travelled and lived at several places and having met people of different cultures and backgrounds gave me a close glimpse of their lifestyles and beliefs systems. It seemed like every person derived their happiness from different things. Every person had a different definition of the “perfect life”. From small cities to metropolitan towns; from the hustle bustle of the corporate world to the solitary life of monks and from simple household life to the world of showbiz, the definition of the so called “perfect life” kept changing as I saw the entire spectrum.

Learning and embracing spirituality was an added advantage which amplified my process of understanding life and helped me look at life from a whole new perspective. Here are few life mantras I learnt which can help one create a life which feels good from the inside out:

1. Follow your passion and your inner-voice

We, as human beings, have been gifted with different set of talents, different passions and we grow up to have different opinions. When we don’t stand in our truth, we betray the various God-gifted talents and ideas that are a part of our invididual expression that makes us who we are. Every single person on this planet has a purpose to serve based on their God gifts. The more we follow our passions, the more satisfied we feel from within. Take up that art class or start playing guitar or learn more about something that sparks your passion. Trust me, it will not only make you feel good from within but you’ll feel empowered. Work doesn’t seem like work if what you’re doing is something you’re passionate about.

2. Honor your energy body

We all are Energy beings and are very sensitive to the energy around us . The power of our intuition is stronger than we could ever imagine. God has gifted every single animal with animal instinct and human beings with intuition. According to a scientific research, there are several animals who leave their homes hours before natural calamities such as a volcano or an earthquake, just by following of their instincts. The power of inituition is like a muscle, the more we use it, the more it grows stronger. However, as human beings we have been conditioned to follow other people’s opinions and advices since childhood which highly affects our ability to hear our intuition. Self-doubt is one of the biggest reason which robs us of the magical powers of our own intution. Honor your intuitive powers and the energy you feel around certain person or place. If something doesn’t feel right, don’t hesitate to move away from it for your own well-being. 

3. Let go of the feelings which no longer serve your highest good

We exhale the air that we inhale within a minute; the food and water that we intake must get out of our system within 24 hours but what about the emotions that we harbor within ourselves. Louise Hay in her book “You can heal your life” has elaborated how emotions play a very important role in our body and how extreme emotions are the root causes of all diseases. Feelings are like waves, they come and go but holding onto negative feelings and emotions can make us feel sick from within. Doing an emotional detox every single day is very helpful when it comes to getting rid of the negative feelings. You can do this by taking a count of every single negative feeling; letting them go and making peace within yourself.

4. Practice gratitude

Wale Ayeni has beautifully quoted — “Be thankful for what you have. Your life no matter how bad you think it is, is someone else’s fairytale.” There’s a huge facet of life which we oftentimes miss, by focusing just on the glittery shiny lives that others post of social media, is that every single human being on this planet has been given the same amount of blessings and challenges as his fellow human being. For example- some have been blessed with materialistic riches but they may be suffering from some physical ailment, some may have good health but they may not have enough money; some have been blessed with amazing relationships but may be their spiritual life is in jeopardy. Things are not always what they look like. Instead of focusing on the things we don’t have, practicing gratitude and being thankful for everything that we have in our lives not only makes us feel content and blessed but also helps us genuinely enjoy the things that we have. 

5. Meditate daily and rewire your brain to see good in all things

If I could change one thing that exists in the world today then I would definitely make the practice of meditation mandatory for everyone. Meditation has many benefits that not just affects our physical body and mind in a positive way but also helps us look at things in a spiritual manner. It helps us rewire our brains to be more calm & peaceful and look at the bigger picture. It is very easy to get on the hamster wheel of life and get caught up in the drama and insignificant things which won’t even matter five years down the line. Rewire your brain to choose the positive in a negative situation, to see the good in the bad and to find blessing in every situation.

6. Take care of your physical body

Our physical body is the divine vehicle in which we reside. It is our biggest gift through which we can serve our purpose, help others, create beautiful things, feel the wind, the sun and the rain, see the beauty of nature and taste the food we eat. Take utmost care of it by incorporating a healthy lifestyle. When you eat good, exercise daily and sleep well; you automatically start feeling good about yourself. Feeling good and being comfortable in your own skin is one of the greatest feeling in today’s world where a person is under constant mental pressure to adhere to the beauty standards set by fashion magazines and commercial TV ads.

Once you grasp the fact that your state of mind and body are a significant part of your inner reality; you hold the power to create a beautiful outside reality.

Mayuri Rana

Meditator, Energy Healer, Spiritual Seeker & Researcher, Light Worker

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