5 Steps to Successfully Manifesting Your Deepest Desires

Bring your true dreams and desires to life by harnessing the power of manifesting.

Bring your true dreams and desires to life by harnessing the power of manifesting.

Landing your ideal job, owning your dream home, finding your soulmate or just creating abundance and happiness is all within your reach. When you learn to successfully applying manifesting and tap into the Universal Law of Attraction, then it’s possible to turn your dreams into your reality a lot quicker than you believe possible.

Here’s my 5 steps to manifesting that have worked to secure me my dream home in Scotland, find my soulmate, create my own successful business, make a positive difference to people all around the World with over 126k followers on my Social Media platform and bring a wealth of abundance, joy and happiness into my life.

My life didn’t always look like this. I started adulthood as a teenage mum, spent a year in homeless accommodation with my young daughter and lived on the breadline throughout my 20’s. I used manifesting combined with taking inspired action to be the creator of the life I am now blessed to live.

You also have the power within you to work in harmony with the Universe to create the life you truly desire and deserve!

Step 1 — Get clear about what you want.

Get extremely clear about what you want to attract into your life. Get as detailed as possible so The Universe has no doubt whatsoever of what it is to respond to. Whimsical wants don’t carry the same amount of power as true desires of the heart.

Practical tips:

Visualise your desires mentally, emotionally and physically. Imagine yourself already having that which you desire. How does your life look? How does it feel to have it? Engage as many senses as you can. For example if it’s a dream holiday you desire, can you close your eyes and smell the sea air? Hear the sound of the sea lapping against the shore? Feel the warm sun on your face and body or taste the exotic foods you will be eating? The more detail you can get in your vision that engage all of your senses, the more the mind convinces your energetic body that you are already experiencing these things. This increases the magnetic power of manifesting. Bringing into your reality that which you are already sensing and experiencing in some form.

If you are lacking clarity, yet know you want your life to look and feel better, but are unsure what you wish to attract, a vision board or manifesting diary can help you.

To create a vision board, pin or stick images of things you feel attracted to that represent the areas of your life you wish to improve, or of the physical things you want to attract. For example, if it were a new car you want to manifest, you may start by pinning an image of any car you find in a magazine. The more you see it over a period of days or weeks, you will begin to get clearer on the colour, shape, and make of the exact car you truly desire. You can then put that specific car on your vision board. Sending a crystal clear message to The Universe of what it is to send you.

(Pinterest is a great place to create an online version of a vison board)

If you wish to use a manifesting diary, try to make it red, the colour of power. Start writing down the things you wish to manifest. Review during the waning phase of the moon and remove things that at first seemed like true desires, but turned out to be nothing more than whimsical wants. The process of letting go can be strengthened by performing a simple releasing ritual as detailed in chapter 7.

You can also meditate to gain more clarity. Amplifying your call for clarity by holding a clear quartz crystal or selenite as you do so. If meditation is not something you practice, simply carrying either of those crystals in your pocket or bag will harness the metaphysical properties of the crystals to assist you.

Step 2 — Set strong intentions.

Now that you know what you want, you can set the intention to send your order out to The Universe with the expectation and full belief it will be received, processed, and delivered to you. This is the asking part, to get what you want. If you don’t ask, you won’t get. It’s time to speak up!

Practice speaking up in your life by expressing your opinions or sharing your thoughts and feelings to assist you with this stage. If we are afraid to ask for our needs to be met in one area of our life, it creates a block. This block will then filter into other areas of our lives. Including our ability to successfully manifest.

Practical tips:

Strengthen your intentions!

Call upon the help of your higher self, guardian angel, spirit guides, Gods or Goddesses that play a part in your spiritual life. Or any other force greater than your physical self that you believe in. Ask them to support your intention and assist with the delivery.

Hold an intention ritual. This can be as simple or as elaborate as you like. Lighting a candle and reading aloud the current list of things you wish to manifest to vocally send the request out. Timing your intention with a new moon makes use of the natural cycles of the moon and strengthens the power of your request. Joining with others, either in an online or physical group, as you set your intentions, is a very powerful way to magnify your request and make sure your cosmic order is heard loud and clear.

Write your requests down on a piece of paper and hold in your hands as you infuse it with Reiki. Draw the Reiki power symbol on the paper to boost its strength. If you are not attuned to Reiki, still write down the things you wish to manifest. The act of simply putting pen to paper alone is an action that will increase the power of your intention. Decorate the piece of paper with any symbols your intuitively feel drawn to or feel inspired to create.

Light a red candle (the colour symbolic of power) and meditate on your intentions. An Orange candle works particularly well for business abundance. Place your written intentions in a box or jar alongside some crystals that help to attract abundance, such as Citrine. 

Step 3 — Release yourself from the how.

It is simply not your job to work out how the things you want to manifest will appear in your life. In fact, trying to figure it all out is the very thing that many people don’t realise is the block to them not receiving what they have requested. This responsibility lies with The Universe.

Using the good old ‘Out of sight, out of mind’ method is all that is required here. Tuck your written request away in a box or jar and let The Universe do its job. Each time you do find your mind wandering into problem solving mode, you can perform a simple releasing technique of taking a few deep breaths and on each exhale, say the following manifesting mantra to yourself:

“I trust in the process and exhale all control as I breathe out.”

Step 4 — Match your thoughts and feelings to the frequency of abundance.

So many people stumble at this part. They have asked, they have set the intention, yet feelings of frustration start to seep in when nothing seems to be materialising. Maintaining positive thoughts and feelings as often as possible in the manifestation process, ensure you are as aligned as can be with the frequency of the things you wish to attract. Like attracts like, so if you are feeling bad about yourself, are engaging in low vibration activities such as gossip, needless worry, judging (either yourself or others), allowing your personal energy to become drained by not maintain a good self-care routine, or simply wallowing in self-pity, then you can be assured, there will be a delay in your order.

Recognising those negative thought patterns or feelings as they show up and making an effort to change them, will get you back on track. We must always be aligned to the vibration of the things we have asked for. The more we can stay in a high vibration, the quicker we are able to manifest things in our lives.

Practicing Gratitude, is the fastest and most effective way of converting negative thoughts and feelings to positive ones. Using either a separate gratitude journal or writing in your manifesting diary, write 5 things you are grateful for each night before you go to bed.

Use positive abundance affirming affirmations. Here are some you may wish to use, but do try to write your own. As the words that come most naturally to you will be a better match for your own energy and the vibration of your personal desires.

  • “I am abundant in all areas of my life”
  • “I am a magnet for money and prosperity”
  • “All my desires flow easily to me”
  • “I am confident The Universe has heard my wishes”
  • “I am worthy of abundance”
  • “I am releasing any blocks that may be holding me back”
  • “I love life, and life loves me back”
  • “I trust The Universe will deliver my desires with divine timing” 

Step 5 — Be willing to take action and the occasional leap of faith.

As we have already learned in step 3, it is not our job to specify how the things we desire show up in our lives. Once we have handed complete trust over to The Universe to deliver, then we also have to accept that the way it shows up may not be exactly as we had initially hoped or imagined.

For example: If you have asked for a dream job, which is a complete change of career, rather than a natural progression from your current position, The Universe may not send a head-hunter to track you down and offer it to you on a gold plate. It may, however, delivery you an opportunity to sign up for a free course on a subject that will take you a step closer to your dream job and give you some knowledge or experience that you will require. Or it may present you with an opening in the career you wanted, but not at the exact level you requested. We have to trust The Universe knows how best to deliver our desires, and there may be lessons we need to learn that missing these vital steps would otherwise prevent us from being exposed to.

We have to work on our confidence, so that when doors of opportunity are presented to us, that hide everything behind them that we have ever desired, we have the confidence and bravery to walk through. Even if this means taking a blind leap of faith on occasions. Trusting that the little signs revealed to us along the way, are indeed messages that we are on track, and that we are being guided towards our dreams. Having the courage to act upon them is our responsibility. We are after all, active co-creators of our own reality. We must take action and put in effort when it’s required of us.

We also have to be open to receiving.

Otherwise we risk having our order delivered and not feeling worthy enough to actually accept it. Start taking baby steps to get you into receiving mode. Accepting help when it’s offered, compliments when they are given, and opportunities as they arise.

Start tuning into your gut instinct and practice following your heart. For this is the way The Universe guides us and makes sure we are perfectly placed and aligned to receive everything we have ever dreamed of and desired. 

“Receiving allows us to top up our energy so we have more fuel, from which we can serve others.”

Moon phases for manifesting.

Here are some of the main moon cycles to help you synchronise the manifesting process with the natural lunar phases. This can really help to add an extra boost of energy and power to the process.

New Moon:

Time to send your cosmic order out into The Universe. Write down your desires, set clear intentions and perform an intention setting ritual. (Details of how to do this can be found in chapter 7) This is the best time to start something new. Be ready to receive inspired ideas, new perspectives and look out for new people who come into your life who have been sent to help you on your journey. This is the planning cycle of the moon. Your energy may be low, so get plenty of rest, eat foods that nourish you and spend some contemplative time alone with your thoughts.

Waxing moon:

Time to take any action steps and be responsive to any opportunities that have presented themselves to you. This is the action cycle of the moon. As the energy of the moon builds during this phase, so will your own. Use your energy to take exercise, spend time with other people and get creative. Put your creative energy to good use by putting pen to paper and writing up your new course, workshop or blog.

Full Moon:

The moon is full and you will likely find your emotions are too! The energy of the moon is at its most powerful. Look over your list of desires and give thanks for each item as if The Universe has already delivered them into your life. Spend time outdoors, soak up the moonbeams, and remember to charge your crystals and altar decorations with this immense natural energy source. Celebrate your recent successes, no matter how small, and let the pride you feel about your accomplishments fill every cell of your being. Reminding you what a powerful co-creator you are in shaping the work and personal life you truly desire and deserve.

Waning Moon:

The moon is decreasing in energy. It’s time to release! This phase lasts for approximately two weeks. If you are performing a releasing ritual the best time to do this is roughly one week after the full moon. This is time to retreat. A time for self-care as your energy starts to decline with the cycle of the moon and time to clear out. Physically and energetically de-cluttering and cleansing yourself, your home, and your work space can be very beneficial to you at this stage.

The moon is powerful enough to move our oceans. It has a magical quality that enchants anyone willing to gaze into its radiant beams of light and bask in its healing and mystical presence.

Linda Pollock

Linda Pollock is a Spiritual Medium, Transformation Coach and the Founder of Mindful Wishes, an online community source for inspiration, self-discovery and empowerment.

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