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5 Steps To Experiencing More Calm And Less Stress

Calm is a feeling we often crave but also often forget we can consciously create for ourselves.

Calm is a feeling we often crave but also often forget we can consciously create for ourselves.

It’s the antidote to stress, overwhelm, anxiety and anger. It’s the stillness in a busy world. It’s the quiet of mind after a long day of thinking. It’s moments in life where no irritation of the mind, body or soul exist or penetrate our being.

To seek calm is to acknowledge we are without it.

It’s no surprise that in this modern world of constant connection, glorified busyness, consumerism overload and striving to achieve, that we don’t make time to experience the joy of calm.

Life is busy. Our minds are busy. Our roles are many.

The demands placed on us by others are time consuming. Our own expectations of ourselves are exhausting and experiencing calm can often feel out of reach.

Many of us even start to believe that calm is something only experienced by those with no problems or those who are fortunate enough to experience it by a waterfall in Bali. Those with no health worries. No financial struggle. No self-esteem issues. No kids, family or pets to take care of. Those with big houses, fancy cars and fat pay cheques.

The truth is calm is available to all of us and the more worries you find yourself having, the more you should consciously create moments throughout your day to experience calm.

Consciously choosing to experience calm, is to consciously set aside your worries, your fears and your frustrations. It’s not pretending they don’t exist, but placing them to the side for a period of time each day for you to experience the joy of just BEing. For you to allow your mind, body and spirit to relax. 

As a mum of two and an entrepreneur, my lifestyle is naturally busy.

However, at times the fruits of success created by this busyness have come at a cost. To my mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

I have experienced the stress of being a parent of a child who was seriously ill. I have had several breakdowns. I have experienced grief that literally crippled me and prevented me from walking and talking, following the death of my Dad. I have experienced the struggle of living on the breadline as a single parent. I have high-functioning anxiety as a result – something I have learned to hide pretty well over the years. I have had my business collapse twice and faced financial ruin as a result. I have felt broken many times, yet here I am. Writing my first book and feeling more at peace with myself and my life than I have done for many years.

The key to this was finding my calm by creating the right environment in my day to consciously experience it and invite the feeling into my life frequently.

Here are the top 5 ways I create calm in my life to inspire you.

1. Create a soul-nourishing morning routine.

I light an organic scented aromatherapy candle, sip my coffee and write a gratitude list. Then sit for a few minutes watching the wildlife in my garden. This time in the morning before the kids get up is just between me and The Universe.

2. Get out in nature.

Whether it’s your back garden, a walk in the forest or by your favourite river or beach, nature teaches us not to rush. Nature holds magical healing and when we absorb ourselves in it, we can forget time and loose ourselves in the moment. 

3. Cuddle up on a comfy chair and read a book.

Pure escapism from the demands of the modern world. I have a few favourites that always bring me comfort. One of which is my childhood favourite (Catwitch – by Una Woodruff), filled with magic and mystical illustrations. I bought it a few years ago as a treat to myself and it instantly transports me to a place where life was simpler and my worries were few.

4. Banish technology from the bedroom.

Running an online business meant I checked my phone A LOT! Not just addictive level checking throughout my day but also last thing at night, first thig in the morning and sometimes even during the night if I happened to wake up. Returning to an old-fashioned alarm clock removed my excuse of needing my smartphone in the room to wake me up on time.

5. Spend quality time having simple and meaningful conversations with the people you love.

No technology. No TV on in the background. No distractions. Our favourite places are snuggled up on the sofa, around the dinner table when we eat our evening meal, or outdoors in the garden drinking tea and toasting marshmallows around the chiminea.

You can find more inspiration on my Facebook page or on my website .


Linda Pollock

Linda Pollock is a Spiritual Medium, Transformation Coach and the Founder of Mindful Wishes, an online community source for inspiration, self-discovery and empowerment.

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Trying to find calm in my environment with my neighbours is most definitely a challenge. I’ve tried everything. Incense, candles, medication, thought control, trying to ignore them, trying to keep busy, going to my gym classes, the list goes on. I’ve tried Mindfulness, and other techniques to deal with this ongoing issue and evil intimidation from two lower mentality “ humans”. I’m not sure why everyone thinks that sitting reading a book is the ideal passtime for everyone, I can’t stand reading books. But I find other ways to try and focus my attention. I’m always aware of the banging doors and noisy background though, which disturbs my focus. I end up feeling quite depressed. I would love to find that inner calm and to be able to block out the World, but I’m in the wrong place. No one wants to help. I’m also unable to have meaningful conversations with anyone. I’m on my own. I have a morning routine, there isn’t much nature in my area. I wouldn’t get peace to enjoy it anyway. Those tips are helpful enough, but they’ve all been suggested a million times before and are pretty general. They provide a canvas to work on, just adjusting where necessary. It takes a heck of a lot to find calm and peace in some people’s lives. I have to get up very early, or stay up very late to get peace from downstairs and to be alone with my thoughts. I like the sound of the sea, or traffic in the distance, I like my phone, so I’m not banishing it from my bedroom when it’s people who cause me more grief than my technology. Some of those are Feng Shui tips, and I imagine they might work for some, but I find that people go back to their old ways after trying those things. Being on my phone actually helps me to wind down, and then I know it’s time to go to sleep. That’s just my way, it’s not as easy as it looks. It depends on a lot more, but it’s a helpful article. We all need a bit of help. Thank you

Teresa Deery
Teresa Deery

Thankyou Linda for this reminder, it is so important to take time out and create peace and calm within ourselves Thankyou for your honesty xxx

Vasudevan Bhattathir

most of us the in the modern times busy with their work so that they even forget what is rest and calmness. if the mind that is calm will be much more productive and body active . it is essential to keep our mind at certain level of peaceful level
this article may help to have certain level of calmness .thank you.


Thank you for your article, I wrote the 5 items down. Mondays are difficult at the beginning, middle, and end of the month or all the time. When you are juggling money to pay remodelers, Bill’s, buy food and trying to not take money out of savings. You article with the circus I call life. ruth


Your article was great, arrived just in time to keep me safe. I am going to write all five down for the next time I begin to worry about making ends meet. Thank you for those five stress re-
leavers. Ruth

rubina fazal
rubina fazal

Thanks ..Sweet Linda Pollock 💖👑💐for Sharing beautiful words of wisdom..Really inspiring thoughts…to take up Steps to be more calm,and happy…inspite of facing stress or robbed out our pleasure and relaxed moments..we should focus on our inner instincts that guide us to paths of calm and cool feelings..and to grasp the moments that can make our Soul and mind calm..and cool to deal our time in more Stable,balanced ,happy and productive manner,we can do this..we can make our life living in an upgrade and honoured way by letting ourselves practice the day by day the ways to be calm..to be in patience..although it’s a obvious truth that life is not easy,we have to work hard day and night ..we have to face challanges..we have to prove ourselves the best version of a Successful person..with a wish to lead a best life..but is it possible..😀????yeah if we trust in God Almighty and if we trust in our selves..that we can most out of the life..by leading a Stable life .in harmony..by utilising our time and energies in best possible ways…to be calm and cool..to learn the art to be calm…and cool..although we are human beings..we get upset at times..we get angry Some time.we get confused and stressed at time..we get really annoyed at times..But if we master the art to remain calm and cool..at times..we can deal the stress moments not to be so stress enough rather than this..we can make them more resistable and in comfort..in a relaxed manner with more positive energies to lead our lives with peace of mind and Soul…💖💐🙏

Sheela Chilloyee
Sheela Chilloyee

Hi ,good morning thk u very much for the article. It’s very inspiring and encouraging. Sometimes we really don’t know how to stay calm because some people always try to harass us . Anyway I’m trying to be strong and stay calm . It feels good to read your articles. Have a nice day.


Thank you so much for sharing. 💕

Bronwyn Fotheringham

Great article – very reality-based. Good reminder that calm is within our grasp, and is achievable.

Beatrice Hernandez

Thank you for your wonderful article and advice.
I am retired and still feel stressed because one does not know what to expect anymore in our world.
It helps me to pray and meditate.
You reminded me the world will not end because of mistakes one makes….
Thank you once again for your helpful insight into relieving stress in our daily lives.