5 Mind Blowing Concepts that Will Bring You More Money

If you simply change your perspective on money — thinking about it a little differently — you will begin attracting the amount of money that is exactly right for you.

Money often gets a bad rap from those who consider themselves “good people” or “spiritual” people or downright religious. Yet, secretly most people realize its importance and don’t feel so good when lacking in it. In fact, lack of money is frequently tied to extreme stress and tends not to be good for our health or relationships.

Well, I’m going to let you in on a little secret.

If you simply change your perspective on money — thinking about it a little differently — you will begin attracting the amount of money that is exactly right for you.

The following five characteristics of money should help you do just that.

1. Money is the currency here on Earth

That’s right. Kick and scream all you will. The fact is, money is what buys us necessity — food, clothing, and shelter. Therefore it is often the foundation upon which we need to plant our feet. Unless you are grounded — able to provide the basic necessities for you and your family, it will be hard for you to reach your dreams, whether those dreams include helping others or being truly at peace with yourself.

2. Money is gratitude

What?! That’s right. View money as a symbolic gesture of gratitude and you will blow away all your personal barriers to attracting it. When we deliver our gifts to the world, the way people say “thank you” is by gladly giving us money. And the more people we have thanking us for our goods and services, the more financial profit we will reap. Most successful products and industries are successful because masses of people buy into what they are selling. True, many of those things are not good for us, yet they have many people thanking them for appealing to and provided our most base needs and wants. But that proves my point. Still, what we need more of is people applying my money-view and delivering goods and services that elevate the spirit of the masses as they thank you by gladly paying you. Up for the task?

3. Money is NOT the root of all evil

If you have been fighting and fleeing money throughout your life chances are it is because you view it as something dangerous, bad, or, essentially, evil. It is true that people can get money by playing into our most perverse needs and wants and take advantage of those. And people can cheat and steal their way into financial abundance. But money, itself, is not what does that. It is a person following their primitive nature — what I call their automatic brain. That person sees money as a way to one-up you, by having financial power over you, which essentially provides them the ultimate protection and security. The root of all evil, in fact, lies within our primitive nature, controlled by our automatic brain. And evil is often the result of our taking action in accordance with this primitive nature. But when we act in alignment with our divine nature—our fearless, spiritually grounded nature — then evil is not part of the sentence. When the intention of our actions is grounded in our divine gifts, creating value for the masses, they will thank us, by giving us money, There is nothing evil in this process.

4. Money is not gained by visualization

I am one of the biggest proponents of meditation and guided visualization. The problem, though, is that most people fall into the trap of visualizing what money can buy. You may have been told to create a vision board and on it, told to place a picture of your dream job, or your dream car, or whatever. But money is a symbol of gratitude and not a commodity…not a thing. When viewed as gratitude the amount of money we receive will be exactly the amount that is right for us and in synch with the value we bring to people. That, in turn, will deliver the car that is right for you or the house that is right for you or maybe the boat that is right for you. But receive money to buy these things, you must first visualize yourself in the act of delivering your gift to the most people in the most genuine, valuable way. 

5. Money doesn’t cause happiness

The temptation is to look at those with money and think they have it made, knowing little about their life story; their challenges. You may think, “I’ll take their challenges, just give me their kind of money!” Be careful what you wish for. What causes happiness is not the money itself, but the process of making money. When your intentions are pure, so too will be your success. When you make the right choices, for the right reasons, the right things will happen, at the right time. If you are truly applying your gifts and sharing those gifts with good intent for the right reasons, then happiness will result and money will follow.

Final note…

Simply tweaking your view of money will help thrust you into targeted action as you apply your gifts, talents, and strengths to help as many people as you can. And in return, expect a big dose of gratitude in the form of money.

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Charles F. Glassman

Dr. Charles F. Glassman, aka Coach MD, is a medical doctor, thought leader, & author who has learned that true holistic care arises when we balance mind, body, & spirit.

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