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4 Easy Steps to Inner Peace

Peace is achieved by acceptance and letting go.

What is peace?

Peace is the absence of worry, conflicted feeling, anxiety, or stress. Peace is achieved by acceptance and letting go. It is possible to have an outer life which is filled with many chaotic situations, unresolved relationships, and a long “to do list” and yet move from a place of inner peace. Peace is a state of being that, despite the outer mess, is able to stay above it all.

Are you ready to experience a feeling of calm inside?

If so, try this:

Step 1.

Identify whatever idea you are holding onto that's preventing you from feeling peace right now in this moment – name it. We're not talking about naming your circumstance. We're talking about identifying your BELIEF about your circumstance.

Step 2.

Become willing to let it go. Make believe you CAN let it go. What would it be like if that belief DIDN'T EXIST? How would you feel without your circumstance and the people involved? What would your life be like without that thought? Who would you be if you were no longer holding onto that limiting belief?

Now… right now… do you feel a sense of relief? If not, then you have more to let go of!

Step 3.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat. Start from Step 1 and do it again with the next thing that's disturbing your sense of well-being. First identify the belief or attitude, and then become willing to let go of that thought that is causing upset. Repeat the first two steps over and over until you feel a release.

Step 4.

Check inside again. Can you feel the absence of upset? That's peace. Can you feel a clean, fresh feeling? Take a deep breath of it. That's peace.

What would you be willing to give up to keep this feeling of peace?

What would you be willing to do to stay peaceful?

If you want to keep the feeling of peace, make a choice not to entertain those upsetting thoughts anymore. Just say, “I've had enough of you.”

I know what you're thinking, “Paige, This is RIDICULOUS. How will erasing my upsetting thought give me lasting peace? There are still problems in my life! I can't just quit life and sit on a mountaintop! I've got real challenges!”

The Fine Print

Every time you allow yourself a break from the anxious thinking (it has to be a true break), you rewire your brain and make space for more feelings of calm. Every rest you take is BUILDING UPON THE LAST. So, you are actually creating forward movement every time you remember to let go. Peace is built one moment at a time. Today, you might live without your worrisome thoughts once. Tomorrow, you may rest from your anxieties twice. The next day you might practice taking a break four times, and so on.

But don't worry about tomorrow or the next day. Just sit for a minute NOW and imagine what it would feel like for your worry to magically disappear… as if you had a magic wand!


WHO DO YOU BECOME without your fear, worry, anxiety or trouble?


Paige Bartholomew

Paige Bartholomew is a licensed psychotherapist who holds a Master’s Degree from St. Edward's University in Austin, Texas.

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Sandra Heckles
Sandra Heckles

findint it difficult to move on after the death of my sister 18 months ago and the my partner, January this year, feel lost, empty and alone,, don’t want to talk to friends about it but know I should, so I just push people away, and waste days just wandering and over thinking,,,, I am crying inside all the time, even when out and have a smile on my face I want to be home , I know I cannot get today bac, but hate the thought of wasting my nights and days,

Melissa Rose Rothschild

I have always loved the quote ,”Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, but only saps today of its strength.’” It’s been credited to different authors. Regardless it is a great reminder.
I find that gratitude replaces worry or anxiety efficiently ❤️ Great article, Paige

Robina fazal

Thanks!Paige dear..Sir Bryant McGill and Mam Jenni..for Such..Nice topic..for the Soul and mind uplift of all….❤👑💐Peace of mind is the most imp.thing to lead a healthy life with strength and purpose…if we can learn the art to be peaceful ,we can enhance our own lives with passion and zeal…and can make the lives of others comfortable and with ease..inner peace is gained by ñaturing the Soul…and mind needs practice…The best tips are…we should learn some yoga peaceful soothing exercises they are like meditations..that can be managed twice or thrice a day a day…doing such exercises…can make you calm….and relaxed deal your own routines and your behaviour and patience for others…as to deal with others your mind have to be resistable and in patience..never always conditions or others behaviour or attitudes in your favour or according to your expectations and your well wishing….even Family members differs in behaviours and attitude..and while you have more exposure to outerworld there is a lot of different people with types of people with different opinions ,different mentalities,different manners.. some are soft..some are arrogant and sharp..some are positive,some are negative.. This world is a chaos…It is hardest and the most unpredictable,a lot uncertainties….unfullfulments..sorrows..worries ,hardships…on the other hand a place full of beautiful attractions ..great options,great desires and passions to be achieved,happinesess.Joys…one wants to be popular..want to gain a…respect and honour…in this tussle.. a lot anxieties …fuss .depression…and eagerness..makes a man…in hurry..worry….and hustle and which .Man is in confused…and forget the Gods lessons for mankind to be in peace and harmony.postive and do good for his or her ownsleves.. by living a life of patience and good will for make this world a better place to love all.respect all…to go ahead achieving for pleasure and comforties.
and desires to be full filled short I wanna say..a peaceful mind can do miracles,and for that in our daily lives we have to practice peaceful mind ,body and Soul activities.. and exercises…to gain positive uplift ownsleves.. and to uplift others.and to make works a better place to live..and be in ease and be this world and in the hereafter…As life is do your part of works as best as you can do that will make others…happy and motivated… Amen

Lalie Nieto
Lalie Nieto

Hello Paige, Jenni and Bryant💕 I’m back for a more in-depth comment regarding this topic on Peace of Mind. This happened at work a few days ago. I was feeling out of balance (no peace) as a result of some unresolved issues. But I told myself to stop the pattern of negative thinking asap otherwise I will continue to suffer and be in bondage. So instead if focusing on myself and my emotional turmoil, I focused on my work and the customers in front of me. I pretended that I was feeling okay and happy. I greeted them with a big smile and started a conversation with them about different topics. I just felt so proud of myself for succeeding in overcoming my feelings of distress. I went home feeling at peace and happy. Yes Victory! Diversion helps a lot in regaining your peace of mind. keeping yourself busy and refraining from over thinking a situation is a must to survive the inner chaos.thank you😍


Very good steps to get inner peace I will practice them

Nisha KC
Nisha KC

Thanks for such a helpful articles.


Great steps to use for anxiety and more peaceful moments in your life. By repeating these steps daily you will get there. Almost like practicing an art.

Lalie Nieto
Lalie Nieto

Thank you for the great tips Bryant and Jenni. I will practice this💕

Janice Wayne

Love it! I am going to have my daughter read this. She has anxiety and these steps will Definitely help her to find her inner peace. Thank you

Darlene Rese

Letting go of disturbing thoughts and changing how you feel about something isn’t easy all the time But the best way to experience inner calm. The best way to stay calm is to set your boundaries and not accept those people that are causing you the distress to stay around your inner circle until they are ready to change their actions. Sometimes that in itself is hard too because that person may be part of your family but it is necessary if you do not want them to continue walking all over you. Thank you for sharing your insight on this subject. It is very wise. All things we must remember consists of developing useful habits that pertain to our well being.