3 Simple Tips for Happier, More Energetic Days

When life gets super busy, keeping things simple is key for our wellbeing and inner-peace.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about simplicity. Doesn’t it sometimes feel like all the crazy stuff happens in waves? I’m surfing one of those waves right now (selling my little city farm house, moving back to my home town, downsizing, getting ready for the release of my new book). When life gets super busy, keeping things simple is key for our wellbeing and inner-peace. It also helps to ensure that we have the focus to handle all that’s currently in our zone.

So, I thought I’d share 3 simple but powerful things that help me to stay grounded, happy, and more productive. Not just during extra-busy times, but all the time.

1. Remove one thing a day.

What kind of thing? Anything that will create space for creativity, clarity, and time to breathe. It could be as simple as throwing out an old shirt with stains on it, or as big as emailing to cancel travel plans you’re really not feeling up for. Think about this: if you do this every day for an entire year, that’s 365 unwanted, energy-draining things you will have removed from your life with little effort! Talk about a valuable habit!  Create a practice of picking at least one thing a day to remove from your life and watch magic happen.

2. Each morning, write down 5 things you’re grateful for that day.

Gratitude is incredibly powerful, so starting your day off with this kind of positive energy will set you on the right track and create much-needed momentum for a great day.  This little practice is like taking your brain to the gym.

3. Hydrate even more.

Most people are walking around slightly dehydrated without knowing it.  Even a 1% drop in hydration in the body can affect mental clarity, energy levels, and mood by as much as 10%! A big glass of water when you wake up, an extra with lunch, and one in the evening, on top of your regular intake, can make a massive difference. Step up your H20 consumption and you’re guaranteed to notice a difference.

And, here’s a bonus tip:

When you begin practicing #1 regularly, you’ll also create more time and space to bring things into your life that will inspire you, empower your success, and raise your happiness levels!

When you combine these and other simple (but proven) happiness habits with clean eating, quality sleep, and regular physical movement, you’ll not only be ready for the busy times in life, you’ll create sustainable peace, joy, and elevated energy levels that will support you in living your very best life.  Cheers to that!

Kristi Ling

Kristi Ling is a happiness strategist, transformational life and business coach, and author working to help others create joy and realize their dream life.

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