3 Reasons Our Children Need To Be Heard

Raising children in a way that will give them the freedom, happiness, joy, and self worth.

Confirmation: Self Confirming

Your child’s verbal emotions assist them in becoming a more confident young adult. Hearing what has them so upset, fearful, or angry can give them confirmation that you agree and are there for them. It allows them to feel your love and creates an environment for them to display themselves and learn to solve their emotional needs. It also let’s them feel safe in their feelings.

Listening: Truth

When we take just 5 minutes to listen to our children and their, what we may call, “silly,” we give them an authentic ear. We show them that we truly care about their stories, their lives, their ideas and mostly that we care about who they are. Knowing who they are is the biggest expression of who they will grow up to be. We as parents must first recognize them in their expressions in order to give them the permission to share themselves verbally throughout their lives.

Acceptance: Confidence

Letting our children vent the way they feel about anything that is going on in their moment, from discipline, frustration, anger, crying, loneliness, grief and so many other emotions that come along with our children’s development, we give them freedom. Freedom to be open and validated. Validation will give them confidence as they move through their journey.

As parents, we must have these three things ourselves. This will assist us in raising our children in a way that will give them the freedom, happiness, joy, and self worth that we all deserve.


Laurie Lankins Farley

Laurie has been widely recognized for her gifts as a Psychic Medium, internationally known deep energy Intuitive and as parenting expert. She has worked with, and assisted people, parents, and families all over the world, held sessions/readings with known celebrities from all walks of life. Because of her talent and a passion for working with parents and children she has published an inspirational children's book, "The Positive Little Soul" Endorsed by Doreen Virtue and James Twyman. Laurie has been on the stage with such individuals as New York Times best-selling authors and Thought Leaders, Dr. Shefali (Appearances on Oprah. ) The Bestselling author of The Conscious Parent ), Neale Donald Walsch (New York Times best-selling author, Conversation with God book series ) and Bryant McGill ( McGill Media / Simple Reminders. ) Laurie is also the co-author of Conversations With God For Parents with Neale Donald Walsch, the New York Times best-selling author of the "Conversations With God" book series. Please visit:

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Jo Davis
Jo Davis

Love this reminder. Even adults need validation! Sometimes being heard is all they need to sort through & move through the feelings. Thank you, Laurie!❤


I agree wholeheartedly! These are all necessary and needed for a child’s healthy development.

prabhakar rajarapu
prabhakar rajarapu


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