10 Ways to Let Go and Let God

Letting go and Letting God/Source is the solution for a life which allows flow, growth, appreciation, and peace.

A lot of us struggle with trying to control our lives and the world around us and in the process, we try to control the people, places, and things that are not ours to control. This is the source of most chaos, resentment, arguments, fighting, and fear.

Letting go and Letting God/Source is the solution for a life which allows flow, growth, appreciation, and peace.

1. Ask for guidance

Upon awakening, ask your Higher Power for guidance throughout the day.

2. Notice what you are feeling when you are feeling it

Become aware of the actions that you take when you feel certain ways. Are you reaching for food, an alcoholic beverage unnecessarily or depriving yourself of rest or exercise with excuses or justifications? Ask yourself what is going on inside and how are you feeling about it. Then ask your Higher Power (whatever that may be) to remove anything that is blocking you from being your best self.

3. Become aware of being hungry, angry, lonely or tired

H.A.L.T. literally, stop and then allow yourself to address your needs.

4. Breathe deeply and then let it out

Picture yourself releasing all anxiety and negativity from yourself.

5. Recognize the good things in any situation and give thanks

My mother and father are extremely ill, but they are still here, my son is healthy, and my friends and significant other are beyond supportive. I remain grateful even for the pain.

6. Stay in gratitude

Choose an attitude of gratitude. Give thanks for all that is and trust that your higher powers plan is bigger than yours and better. (It’s okay to not understand everything.)

7. Be in the moment

The present is a gift. It is all we are given. Accept this, using the moment as if you will never have it again because you won’t.

8. Do your best and forget the rest

You are human. You will make mistakes, but you are trying to become your best self. Give yourself credit while you learn along the way. You got this!

9. Journal

Write down any anxieties, worries, anger or fear. Let them bind to the paper and leave your skin. When needed apologize, ask for forgiveness and make amends.

10. Meditate

Meditation at night relaxes you for a peaceful sleep.Listen to your heart. Quiet your mind. Rest your body, mind, and spirit. Life is but a dream.

When we detach ourselves from all people, places, and things, we are able to observe them as they are. We learn about ourselves. We free ourselves and those around us. Giving up control doesn’t mean we can’t set goals and have ideas for our plans, it just means we trust the flow of life and know that the waves are more powerful.

The current is going to flow in the right direction. All is well.

Let go and Let God.

I loved when the wisest Dr. Wayne Dyer closed one of his talks with this little childhood hymn. I think it floats perfectly right here.

“Row, Row, Row your boat gently down the stream, merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream.”


Melissa Rose Rothschild

Melissa is a Thought Leader , mentored by the founders of the international powerhouse , McGill Media, a published author, an entrepreneur and a self-help Spiritual guru in-training. She is a recovery advocate and speaker and became sober, awakened and eternally grateful ... one day at a time on 11/29/2004. She worked as a former director of an international personal development center and as a personal development lecturer for the Southeastern , public, middle schools and high schools. She empowers young people to pursue their dreams and helps children and adults with tools to succeed. Melissa believes our purpose in life is love and that everyone has the light within to shine and share in the journey of love. She is the creator and CEO of Princess Rothschild, “crowned”.

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Fran Merkh

I especially appreciate apologizing, letting go and giving yourself credit while working on growing.

Ruth E Barnhart
Ruth E Barnhart

I take a walk 3 or 4 days a week. These walls are 15 to 20 minutes of fresh air, chilly up here in Olympia. On the 3 or 4 other days I will be packing to move to the house we just bought. My daughter who is a widow works, goes out dating but is usually home by 10 PM. I am happy she is getting out. I go out to shop, to go to the library I am working on a plan that will maximize my use of the land and give us the most vegetable to eat or juice each week. I am studying Spanish, French and bees I think I would to hives ar the bottom of our soon to be terraced hill. Each terrace will have vegetable and maybe a flow or plant that the bees love
At night before I go to bed I read a bible lesson. Then I spent 10 minutes or more praying to God.
After we move we plan on going to the drive in and watch a movie then stop at the tavern on the way home to buy two drinks to go mine will be a vodka Collins and Suzann e will order a drink of her choice. I am sometimes lonely but not dreadfully so. I am happy. If I can afford it in the fall I should like to take a college course on wildlife in Washington
Take care you two.


I just finished reading the article about intuition, the let go and let God one and how to quit overthinking. All 3 were powerful and very helpful especially Bryant’s article on overthinking, something I tend to do. So a big thank you to all 3 authors for your guidance.

Jackie Wilushewski

Beautiful article, full of so much goodness, Love and Gratitude. I am asking for Divine Guideline constantly and each night before I go to bed and most days upon waking 🙂 I really believe in truly feeling what you’re feeling and staying in Gratitude (through hi’s and low’s). I love journaling and meditation as well. Thanks so much for these lovely tips <3



Wow this is a beautiful article Milissa and I love how you conclude it and that is to leave everything to the higher power. Love love love.

Janice Wayne

10 wonderful suggestions! Learning to let it go and give it to our higher power is the best thing a person can do for their mental state as well as their physical state. You have reinforced many of the things we need to do in our lives. Thank you for writing such a wonderful article and I look forward to reading more ❤️

Sue Smith

I think it is hardest to let go when what you have to let go of are family members, loved ones, or beliefs that have been ingrained in you since childhood. When you have somehow taken into your mind that things are “supposed to” be a certain way, any other way brings turmoil. Expectations not met are great trouble for you then. As you get older and find out not everyone lives like that, there are other ways, other beliefs, other opportunities, it is enlightening but also frightening at times. That is when you must decide to live according to old beliefs or grow into new ones. It is painful at first, then delightful and liberating. You must learn, make choices, grow, repeat, all your life long. Finding your truths to hold on to throughout life is a wonderful accomplishment! We cannot all be exactly the same, and how boring that would be anyway! So steps to letting go are wonderful tools to use! Realizing we are not all in the same place of growth helps you give others the space to be themselves without judgement. Realizing that we do not all have to hold the same beliefs, we all have those choices to make, helps you give others the freedom to be themselves. Realizing that commerce, governments, religions, etc all have their own agendas and are trying to influence you helps you realize the choice is yours to make. Realizing there are so many false ideas in the world spurs you on to finding truth. Letting go becomes easier. Growth quickens. Truth prevails.

Sue Smith

Much love to you Melissa 💖

Djaffar Mohamed Abdoullatuf

This is exactly what I’m into these last days. I’ve decided to put the conservative ways aside and take things their way. Since 2012 some of my cousins have been mistreating my mom and insulting her while their mother (my mom’s elder sister) is there and witnesses everything without saying a word. Everytime some people and mom sometimes, call me, here where I’m studying, and tell me about what’s happened to her but I always try to be the nice one and tell my mom to stay cool and ignore them because I wanted to keep our family’s integrity. One day I called the girl (my cousin) hoping to have an explanation about what was happening and then try to find a way out, she called secretly her mom and put me on high-speacker so, her mom could hear what I was going to say. I said what I had to, without being rude, and when I finished, her mother (my aunt took the phone and try to explain and defend herself and her daughter’s acts. I told her I didn’t want the family to be ruptured, let’s together find solution for all that ’cause this is not what granny would like for us. And she told me “you’re perfectly right my son. What you’re saying is the pure truth but please, don’t let many useless thoughts make you lose control and keep you from doing what you are there for. Finish your studies and once you are here maybe there’s going to be a way out.” We’ve talked about about many things and I thought something would change but a week later one of her daughters restart the same dance. I called my mom and told her never to their house again because they might do that since she keeps going there. However the girls keep their usual stuff and even do and say worse than ever done. I’ve tried what I could trying to honour my grandma’s memory as she never liked her family being in trouble but things are getting worse and worse each and every day. Everytime I hear what was happening there while I’m so distant from home, I feel my heart broken but I never stopped praying God for justice and blessings, praying him to bring peace to my family and the whole world. It’s really hard to judge two people you love and respect when it doesn’t work between them anymore.
All these years they’ve been doing what they wanted to my mom, saying bad things about her and their mother never said a word till last week when my little sister could take it no more and told them what she had to. They all get mad and furious. My aunt went to my mom’s house and said to her that she doesn’t want her as sister, she doesn’t want to see her anymore because she (mom) asked her daughter (my young sister) to insult them (aunt and cousins).
I find that too selfish and hypocritical. Last week when I heard that, I realized that if I don’t stand for my mom, I will lose her while her sister and nieces are enjoying. I had to do something and I did it. I didn’t say mean things as it’s still my aunt but I warned them.
Now they may think and say whatever they want but the message I sent them will surely break them apart or they’ll get their consciousness up. As you said it upper in the article we need sometimes to be aware and learn to let it go and make a fresh start. There was a great difference between giving up and leaving a war that’s actually not yours. I’ve been thinking all this time to fight for the unity and best of the family but I realized that it could be harmful to me and my mom. Now, I feel good and free as the air. Thank you very much for sharing this.

Arthur Punau

Congratulations for the beautifully written article. Yes, letting go and giving everything in God’s hand, take care of things. I have gone through years trying to save a relationship and finally have to let go. Letting go gives me the power to be myself. The power to do other things in life.

Wong Lok

Congratulations on your article being published. And thanks a lot for sharing your methods of helping us letting go of our false thinking and actions. It’s important that we all have a good environment of mental health and also it’s our duty manage the posivity we are having inside of us and also allow the positivity in our life with care and really care about our Mentality of thinking positively and encourage ourselves to move forward because it’s a very powerful force to help us let go. Much love and appreciation loklok