10 Tips for the Sandwich Generation

Life is a circular soul of love. Appreciate it all.

Sand·wich Gen·er·a·tion (noun)

A generation of people, typically in their thirties or forties, responsible for bringing up their own children and for the care of their aging parents.

1. Take care of you.

Whether it’s a drive, an exercise class, reading a magazine, a long bath… you have to remember to take care of you. We are not able to fully take care of others if we are not continuing to take care of ourselves. Make sure you are taking care of mind, body and spirit, now more than ever.

2. Accept help.

You can not do it all. If you have a child of age, this is a good time for them to help out with doing more for themselves. When friends and family want to help, let them. Tell others what you need. You will be surprised how this is a gift for everyone involved.

3. Have a support group.

There are Facebook communities, Elderly caregiver groups, Assisted Living meetings (if your parents are living there) that can be of great service for your mental health. It is amazing how sharing our journey keeps us alive and sane. 

4. Ask for a financial advisor or accountant to help with financial planning for it all.

It is exorbitant, financially if your parents need medical assistance and you are planning college or any other children expenses at the same time. There are resources though. A financial planner or accountant can help you get things in order to know what options you have.

5. Keep your faith.

Whatever Higher Power you believe in, it is absolutely crucial to let the bigger plan unfold as it will. Know that it will be okay.

6. Speak with others about there circumstances.

A lot of times, we do not even realize that others have already gone through care giving of parents. Any advice should be welcome.

7. Make time for your immediate family.

Remember that your children’s future is depending on the present. Make your immediate family first priority. There is a good chance your parents have those wishes as well. 

8. Give attention to your significant other and check in often.

You may both be helping with all that is going on and both of you are probably stressed and experiencing many emotions. It may be a moment a day but check in with each other and stay connected.

9. Understand there will be good and bad days.

Try not to have expectations about how things should be. Keep loving. You are doing your best.

10. Feel the feelings.

It’s okay to feel overwhelmed. All beginnings have endings. Life is a circular soul of love. Appreciate it all. One moment at a time.

Remember to breathe and read these tips again.


Melissa Rose Rothschild

Melissa is a Thought Leader , mentored by the founders of the international powerhouse , McGill Media, a published author, an entrepreneur and a self-help Spiritual guru in-training. She is a recovery advocate and speaker and became sober, awakened and eternally grateful ... one day at a time on 11/29/2004. She worked as a former director of an international personal development center and as a personal development lecturer for the Southeastern , public, middle schools and high schools. She empowers young people to pursue their dreams and helps children and adults with tools to succeed. Melissa believes our purpose in life is love and that everyone has the light within to shine and share in the journey of love. She is the creator and CEO of Princess Rothschild, “crowned”.

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Mayuri Rana

Thank you Melissa for this wonderful article.. It is so important to take care of ourselves while taking care of our kids and the parents as well.. Thank you for sharing <3

Nicholas J Cobos

Wow Melissa, great article! Your headline was perfect. It caught my attention and I knew I had to read it. It wasn’t what I thought it was about, in a good way. Great advice too!




Happy friday everyone..really good article..but sometimes it’s so hard doing things and we are among negative people…my most stress in life is my job…I just don’t want to walk off so, because the small salary pays my bills only…I am really seeing and doing more for myself..I know when I’m out of there soon I will prospery better…but my faith is all that’s keeping me going and I know god always hear our cries…enough is enough and I can’t see how people can’t have a good heart…but “Karma” is so real…

Mary Davis

Love the article Melissa! Clear points, great wisdom, compassionate. Thank you! xo