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10 Steps to Living a More Meaningful Life

You can have a richer more meaningful life.

You can have a richer more meaningful life.

You can increase the depth and meaning of your life. You can increase the quality of your experience of your life. Here are 10 steps to help you get more out of life:

1. Take the time to really get to know yourself

What makes you tick? What are you interested in? What do you emotionally attach to? What are you passionate about? What brings you satisfaction? What brings you peace? If it helps set up a specific journal just for this purpose. Write down what excites you. Write down what you dream about. Write down what you feel connected to. Write down what makes you feel great. Having a journal like this is great to reference on an “off-day”, when you’re not quite feeling yourself. It can be a great tool to get you back on track and into higher spirits.

2. Do more of what you love

As you learn more about yourself, you’ll get a better idea of what you really love. Incorporate more of what you love into your schedule. Pursue the activities you are interested in. Make more time by cutting out the things that don’t serve you. Give less time, energy, and attention to what you don’t love. Set Boundaries. Remember, you have a choice as to what you emotionally attach to. Exercise that choice!

3. Work in your inner dialogue

You don’t need to introduce judgment into everything. Learn to give yourself more grace. Be kinder, and more gentle with yourself. You don’t need to beat yourself up! How constructive is that? Instead, speak to yourself with love and compassion. Encourage yourself. Celebrate yourself. Allow yourself to feel good about you. Work on loving yourself more.

4. Work on being more present in your life

Stop worrying about the past or future. Life is happening now and nowhere else. If you spend time thinking about the past or future, that’s time you are not spending in presence. Be here now. Life is happening now. Pay attention. Don’t let your mind drift. Engage with the moment. Whatever you do, do it with heart. Add value to the moment by putting yourself into the moment.

5. Act with love

Live life with a gentle perspective. See and act with eyes of love. Be compassionate. Show caring. Don’t be afraid to show love. Feel unity and connection with your fellow man, and with your world. You are a part of something greater. You have an important role to play. The biggest contribution you can make in this world is to share your love with others. It is the most important thing you can do for yourself and for others. The more love you give, the more love you will receive. Whenever confronted with a situation ask “What would love do?” before acting.

6. Do what is right for you

Make your own decisions. Only you will know what works and doesn’t work for you. Only you will know what’s right for you. You’re not living someone else’s life, you are living yours. That means you need to figure out what that means to you. How will you decide to live? What will you choose to do? Don’t be afraid to disappoint other people’s expectations. This is better than constantly disappointing yourself by living a life that is not of your choosing.

7. Clean up your perspectives

What you see is what you get. How we choose to see things has a tremendous impact on our experience of life. We have a choice in how we see and accept things. We have the power to change our mind. The biggest shift we can make is to stop taking everything so personal. Most of what happens outside of us, has nothing to do with us. We are not responsible for how other people act. We are only responsible for how we act. How other people act towards us is not a reflection of who we are, or anything we have done. We have a choice as to what we emotionally attach ourselves to. If you are constantly surrounded by drama, if drama is always in your life, chances are you are the drama. It’s a choice you are making. Disengage. Engage mentally with anything and everything that works with you, for you, and which serves you. Face yourself, take the time to work through your perspectives. A great tool for this is cognitive behavioral therapy. Sometimes the way we see things can get so jaded that we don’t even notice. Don’t be afraid to seek help with this. Sometimes even dialoguing with someone we trust and who is safe can be invaluable in “hearing” ourselves. 

8. Live a balanced life

Self-care! Even if you are motivated, ambitious, and have a million things to do: Put yourself on that list. Eat properly. Rest. Take reprieve. Exercise. Look after yourself. Make time for you. If you actively work on living a more balanced life you will be more productive and effective in all areas of your life. Don’t run yourself into the ground by neglecting your self-care. Be mindfully aware of what you’re doing, how you are doing, and work to maintain that balance.

9. Don’t just think positive, be positive

Being positive is more than just trying to think positively. It’s taking positive action, for yourself, for your betterment, for your life. Self-care and self-love are important aspects to living a positive life. Boundaries are another. Doing things you consider to be positive can create a tremendous shift in our energy which in turn affects what we feel we are getting out of our life. When we feel good about ourselves, life feels good. Positivity begins with intention and is manifested by action. Actively working to be more positive, being mindful of what that means to us, makes the experience of life more positive.

10. Learn to set boundaries

In short, learn to say no. Don’t guilt and shame yourself. Say no to people and things you don’t want. Just say no. It is your right, it is your time, it is your energy. If it doesn’t serve you, work for you, empower you, help you or make you feel good seriously ask yourself if you must have it in your life. If the answer is no, nix it. Exit it out of your life. A happy, fulfilled, rich life is also one with strong boundaries. The two go hand in hand. You can’t let people walk all over you. That’s not doing them nor you any favors. Learn to respect yourself. Learn to demand respect from others. When people disrespect you, your time, your energy, or your effort, understand that they do not have boundaries and that it is your responsibility to enact them. Boundaries are an essential part of your responsibility to yourself and to your self-care. Surround yourself with the right people.

The more you fall into alignment with what feels right to you, the more you build a lifestyle that accommodates you and what you’re passionate about, the more you will find your life rich and full of meaning. Everytime we act against ourselves, we betray ourselves. We can’t fool ourselves into not noticing when we betray ourselves. We will notice and it will affect the quality of our life. Build a lifestyle you love. Incorporate habits in your life, that reinforce and maintenance you and your lifestyle.

The key to living a more meaningful life is to live it more authentically. Live a life true to you.


Akiroq Brost

Akiroq is a Human Potential Inspirational writer, who has a passion for helping others explore and harness the extraordinary potential that lies within each and every one of us.

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Lovely thank you so much
Akiroq Brost
What a blessing to be part of
This beauty
Sending much love good wishes and prayers.
Thank you again I’m so blessed .
Sending much blessings 💫💕❤️

Diane Greve

I know I agree with a lot of what you said, just sometimes you feel so guilty for not volunteering when someone asks, so you try not to let people talk you into things you really don’t want to do.. and yet you want to help when you can but, sometimes I am just not physically able. I don’t know if this makes any sense to anyone..

Ruth E Barnhart
Ruth E Barnhart

I like the content of the arrival. It was so biblical. I am a Christian, however broken I am a survivor of 2 car accidents both were by drunk drivers, 20 years apart thank the Lord. I do not have a minute without pain. I have a dr that is in charge of my pain management. I told him I do not want to be pain free that would be me in a state of mental fog. I want to experience life not just exist in an unknowing fog.

Rossano Almonia
Rossano Almonia

I do not remember any subject during my primary, secondary and tertiary learning that taught me how to live a meaningful life. It is unfortunate that we get to realize all these when our individual characters have already been molded.

Sue Smith

I wish every person in the world could really know and live by these principles! What a nicer place our world would be if they did!

Rock Eric Ramos

once again your succinct language has made short work of something very complex, thanks for this article and thanks you for your wisdom and for sharing it…love you

patricia jackson

I never lived alone until three years ago after I ended my abusive relationship. I had always lived with my daughter, ex-husband or a boyfriend. It wasn’t until I lived alone that I began to know myself. After awhile I began to be comfortable in my own skin and not have the feeling of always needing someone else to complete me. Learning my passion and purpose and what I want out of my life, and to work on goals and dreams. I make mistakes but we all do and learning to learn from them. Living in an uncontrolled environment I met many great challenges. I am very proud of my great progression I have made in the last four months I have been alcohol free! It is a journey day by day but I feel so proud of myself and work to continue on this great journey. I have a goal to stop smoking which has been difficult but I am trying and believe I will obtain this goal. trying to plan meals when you live alone is also challenging because you tend to eat whenever you want and I eat poorly, at least I do, I am also taking small steps to improve my diet. We can be the hardest on ourselves more than anyone. I was very hard on myself most of my life. others will always judge, but we must not let outside factors determine our self worth, how far we have come, what we are doing and trying to make our life a better one. and there are many factors that can challenge many of us more than others such as mental health, our past tradgeies. I know for myself who I am, I accept who I am and I amaze myself because of these more difficult challenges in how I have grown, keep growing and learning that I have the faith, great strength and believe in myself to handle them. It makes me have self worth self confidence and self love. that I will be okay. My mind drifts back shortly to the past but when it does I embrace it and am thankful for it. it drifts into the future but not for long because I learned life goes by fast we need to enjoy moments, spend my moments helping others , smile and laughing as much as I can. I don’t let worrying consume my life it takes away from your present life. My past has truly taught me to act with love, show kindness, inspiration, empathy I know how awful it feels to go through so much people go through and how awful it can feel in your darkess of days when you feel there is no hope. to bring hope and kindness and love to as many as I can is my greatest passion. It spreads more love in the world not hate, the more we can pay it forward the world can be a better place. that is truly what life is about being happy having peace and joy, being selfless ,creating that world around us, and what I get in return is priceless. you are the only one who knows what is right for you. that is why we have to let go of judgement or what society thinks. If you are not doing what brings you true happiness and peace in your life, and you live your life for others, than you will never truly have the life you want. stay true and real to yourself. I have had an amazing therapist for several years now and she has taught be so much about perspective, I was looking at what I thought others so of me, distorted thoughts which were usually negative and not real. and not taking credit for all the good things I did, whether it was being a mom, going into hospitals, just many many things she would show me the big picture on all the things I did right, and how I felt I was going backwards and not forwards, I was always down on myself and looked at all the bad things not all the many good things. she helped me so much and continues to help me on seeing the different perspective which has built so much on forgiving myself and loving myself. I also took DBT AND CBT which were very helpful. I was very proud when I was told how hard I work on my recovery, and you have to work on it but where I am today it is worth every second. and I will always continue to work on it. I have completed a trauma course, a two year victim of violence program which was when I left my abuser and really saved my life. I have been for two years in an outpatient mental health clinic. I have a therapist and a psychastrist I see regularly. no one should ever be ashamed of getting help and reaching out because it is a big part of the reason who I am today. I haven’t worked in years and is getting a more balanced life and planning. I have new goals and things I am working on that will help me with this so instead of being so hard on myself I know it will get better as I work towards my goals. I am more patience with myself. I am trying to improve and am a work in progress and must give myself credit and just keep reaching for those goals and dreams. no matter what yesterday was like I try to wake up each day and be positive towards myself and others. It gets so much easier when you keep living this way it becomes second nature. when people have struggles and challenges and are feeling negative I try and bring whatever postivety and inspiration I can to them. I know when I am down a kind word or smile can mean a lot. it can turn someone’s day around it can be that simple. it has done it for me. boundaries are so important. I have not been in a relationship in three years. I believe in real love and I know I am worthy of it and someday will find it. after being in an abusive relationship boundaries are key to me. and sticking to them, because if you let someone have an inch they might take a mile. it is not only intimate relationships its all, learn to say no, we know when your being taking advantage of, your that person only wants something in return. being around others who truly care for you just as you care for them. there are a lot of different boundaries but I have learned to know what ones I want and that we all should strive for being treated with self respect and being loved. some people may have different ideas of what that is. for me being in a very abusive relationship, I know what I deserve, I love myself , and I know what real love is suppose to be. I wont settle for anything less. nobody should. God Bless You!

Barbara Vercruysse

Thank you so much for this beautiful article!!! Couldn’t agree more!! Sharing on my lage ❤️

Lalie Nieto
Lalie Nieto

Hello Akiroq, Jenni and Bryant💕 These are great tips in living a more meaningful life. I should have a copy of this on my fb so I can be reminded from time to time. Thank you for the invite to comment. 💕 Namaste 😍


Very beautiful article I will practice those steps